Rick’s Spring

Rick's Spring 2

Rick’s Springs is a small spring located in Logan Canyon that features a nice grotto and a small cave. On a recent trip to Bear Lake, we stopped for a few minutes to check it out.

The grotto is visible from the road, and there is parking on both sides. A paved trail leads to an interpretive sign reminding you not to drink the water as this spring is contaminated by the river. It is cool and sheltered in the grotto, and the water is only about six inches deep. You can see Rick’s Spring bubbling in the back. There is a really cool video posted online of someone who swam up Rick’s Spring through the underground cave. It was over 2000 feet in, and they used full scuba gear. Eventually it opened up and they climbed out of the water into an underground cavern.

Rick's Spring 1
There is a pullout right on the side of the road.
Rick's Spring 9
Cross the river to walk over to an interpretive sign and get a closer look at Rick’s Spring.
Rick's Spring 3
The spring is bubbling a lot. It’s hard to imagine there is a huge cave underneath the water.

The cave to the left of Rick’s Spring, though, is much simpler. You will need a light to search it completely, but it is not deep. Still, you’ll knock your head good if you don’t take a headlamp. The cave only goes back in maybe 25 feet and Ts. To the left it dead ends almost immediately. To the right is a small room that extends about 15 more feet. It would be pretty dark in there if you’re only relying on the natural light.

Rick's Spring 4
The cave you can explore is to the left of the spring when you look at it from the road.
Rick's Spring 8
You do have to climb up a little on the rocks to reach the cave, but it was pretty simple.
Rick's Spring 7
We had one flashlight and one phone light because we forgot our head lamps. This was enough since the cave is very small.
Rick's Spring 5
Watch your head. Adults will definitely need to crouch in this small cave.

Stop at Rick’s Spring at Mile Marker 477 in Logan Canyon and let your kids explore an easy, safe cave.

Rick's Spring 10
Rick’s Spring is directly across from this field, which I’m pretty sure is called “Rick’s Spring Field.”

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