Jordanelle State Park | Hailstone

We have visited Jordanelle Rock Cliff Area, and even spent time at the Nature Center, but we hadn’t really visited the beach side of Jordanelle. This week we really enjoyed the large swimming area, the sand, and the amenities at Jordanelle State Park Hailstone area.

We rented kayaks and paddle boards right on the beach. After a short lesson on how to use the paddle boards, we decided to take them out. A large area is roped off for swimmers and small watercraft users, and we stayed in that area. Our boys loved the kayaks, and they paddled around for several hours. They also enjoyed splashing in the water, though the water was so high that much of the beach was gone (2019)

We rented a double kayak and a few paddle boards to share.
The beach is pretty small this year, so the water gets deep quickly.
You can launch your kayaks and paddle boards right from the beach.

Jordanelle State Park Hailstone beach has a large pavilion and a big sandy area with a volleyball net. The net stayed busy the entire time we were there. There were also people playing other games like Frisbee and catch in this area.

We had a great time on the water at Jordanelle State Park.

Jordanelle also has an aquatics toy that you can enjoy for an additional fee. This requires you to swim out (at least when the water is deep), as it is farther out past the rope. It’s tough to get pictures as you aren’t taking a camera out there, but you can climb, jump, and bounce on the floating playground. People were having a wonderful time, and you could hear the squeals all the way from the beach. Visit Aquazone for more details.

Aquazone looks pretty fun!

Jordanelle State Park has some really great activities. Check out the beach and the aquatics area. You won’t regret it!

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