Pioneer Names Trail | Snow Canyon State Park

Pioneer Names Trail is a very short, easy walk in Snow Canyon State Park. The hike only runs about a quarter mile and is appropriate for all ages and skill levels. The most difficult thing about this hike is finding a parking spot on a busy day.

There are two trailheads for Pioneer Names Trail that are about one city block apart. They are just north of “the dip,” which is a drainage for water across the highway. It doesn’t really matter which parking lot you use. If you park on the south end, the trail heads directly east to the foot of the rocky cliff. There are some cool picture spots and a place for the kids to climb and explore just 50 yards from the car. If you start on the north end, the pioneer names are a little closer.

Pioneer Names sign in Snow Canyon State Park
There are signs at both parking lots.
children hiking in red rocks
There are some fun places to explore near the Pioneer Names.
Man peeking through hole in rock
Dad found a fun picture spot.

To find the pioneer names, follow along the base of the cliff. In a very short while, the trail passes some pioneer names etched into the cliff, mostly from the 1870s. It is a short climb up to the names, but we could see them clearly without walking up the slickrock. Our boys made the trek, but we stayed and took pictures from the base of the cliff. The climb up is pretty steep and might be appropriate for older kids.

Hiking in Snow Canyon
We enjoyed walking along the towering walls.
Pioneer Names Snow Canyon State Park
You can climb right up to the pioneer names, but it’s a steep climb.
View of Snow Canyon
The views of Snow Canyon are pretty.

Once you are done viewing the Pioneer Names in Snow Canyon, you can head back to your vehicle for another adventure in the park. Make sure to check out our full post on Snow Canyon State Park to see all of the other stops to make in this fun state park!

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