White Rocks Amphitheater | Snow Canyon

White Rocks Amphitheater is a short hike just outside the boundary of Snow Canyon State Park. The hike is short, but does have some fairly steep slick rock that must be traversed. It was very easy for our active boys, but make sure to wear good shoes and be prepared for hot temperatures!

The white rocks are neat to see among so many red rocks in Southern Utah.

Hike Info:

The trailhead for White Rocks Amphitheater lies just north of the north entrance to Snow Canyon State Park. There is a small parking lot, and the trail leads down the hill through the brush to the west. The trail is well-defined and easy to follow. You may see lizards, snakes, and if you are really lucky, a desert tortoise.

The trail is easy to follow toward the white rocks.
Some of the trail walks through sand, so be prepared.
The trail offers a nice overlook of Snow Canyon State Park

The trail winds down to the base of a rocky escarpment. As it turns to the right (north), it crosses over on to the white rocks that give the amphitheater its name. After following along the foot of the slickrock for a short distance, a sign comes into view pointing directly up the rocky surface. The climb isn’t too steep, nor too difficult, but on a breezy day, the wind can really whip off these rocks.

Once you reach the white rocks, you start to climb them.
Our boys thought racing to the top was the best part.

The climb into the actual amphitheater is short, at only about 100 yards. At the top, you find yourself in a large bowl that really does look like an amphitheater. At times, there may be water in the bottom of the bowl, but with the ongoing drought, it is currently dry.

It really looks like a natural white rock amphitheater.
The white rocks are fascinating and fun to climb.
This was one of our favorite spots in Snow Canyon.

After admiring the rocks and checking the echo, return the same way you came. To read more about Snow Canyon State Park, check out our post on this area.

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