Memorial Hill in Midway | Heber Valley

Memorial Hill is located in Midway in the heart of Heber Valley. The hill serves as a memorial for United States military veterans from Wasatch County. The hill is a sacred place with plaques of names of the veterans and flags flying in the breeze atop the hill.

Memorial Hill is a big hill in the middle of Midway.

Memorial Hill is easily seen from the road that runs between Heber City and Midway. It is a large hill with flags flown day and night on the east side of the road. You can drive to the top of the hill via a road that winds around and around the hill all the way to the top. There is a small parking area at the top. Flags represent each of the branches of the armed forces.

The road for Memorial Hill starts at this sign. The road is gravel, but any car can drive up it.
The top of Memorial Hill
The wind was blowing which made the flags really stand out.

There is also a large monument with the names of known veterans from Wasatch County and the war they served in. A beautiful little memorial with boots, helmet, and rifle stands on the edge of the hill. One of the neatest things about this hill is that it has been a memorial since the 1920s. There are amazing views of the Heber Valley from the top of Memorial Hill, too.

The plaques list those who served for Wasatch County.
We enjoyed looking at all the names.
This monument is titled, The Final Salute.

We found our visit to Memorial Hill in Midway to be a short, but spiritual experience. Our visit lasted about twenty minutes, and we enjoyed the view of the surrounding valley. We scanned the names on the memorials and talked to our kids about the sacredness of this memorial. Please remember to treat this area with respect and reverence as it is very important to those who served and those who love them!

There are great views all around the valley.


Memorial Hill is located at approximately 300 N River Road. From Midway’s Main Street, head north on River Road. The sign for Memorial Hill is on the east side of the road.

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