Zipline Utah | Deer Creek State Park

When I was a kid, I learned to water ski on Deer Creek Reservoir. Back then, the state park was pretty much used explicitly for boating and fishing. Now there are some really fun and unique activities that you can do right at Rainbow Bay. Recently, we had the opportunity to ride the Screaming Falcon Zipline, with Zipline Utah, at Deer Creek, and it was amazing!

You have probably seen the tall zipline towers as you drive from Provo to Heber. This is where Zipline Utah offers a bunch of different zipline tours, as well as a ropes course activity. We rode the Screaming Falcon Zipline and did the ropes course, so we are going to share about both adventures.

The Screaming Falcon goes over Rainbow Bay.


After signing the online waiver and arriving a few minutes early, we got all checked in. We needed a few minutes to get our safety equipment together. Luckily, the workers at the small yurt which served as headquarters for the zipline were really helpful. First, they helped us into our harnesses. Then they made sure that we were snugged into our helmets and fitted with a good pair of gloves.

All dressed in their gear and ready to go.

When we were all prepped, we climbed into the side-by-side and made the short, uphill ride to the tower. It was a little daunting standing atop the tower. It was only one flight of stairs, but the view out over the bay was beautiful. The Screaming Falcon takes you right out over that bay! The zipline travels nearly 4000 feet (3/4 of a mile) at speeds of up to 65 miles per hour! You travel over the water at a height of about 80 feet, and then rise to a second tower across the water.

The Zipline has beautiful views and goes right over the water.
There is a great look at Mount Timpanogos.
Our guide was amazing!
Before you go, you get to practice using the brake.

After a short ziplining lesson, we latched our harnesses onto the overhead line. We counted from 5 down to 1, and then tucked up into a ball. It was exhilarating to zip along high above the water for the better part of a mile. We felt safe and secure the entire time. If you get a chance to do the Screaming Falcon, take it! There are other zipline options, and we can’t wait to try them out another time.

Everything is very safe and they teach you all you need to know.
It drops way down and then levels out over the water.

Ropes Course

After riding the zipline, we were driven back to the Zipline Utah yurt for our second adventure. We had an hour to spend on the ropes course. The ropes course is an 80 foot high structure that has different levels of obstacles to traverse. As you get higher up the tower, the obstacles get more difficult. The fourth level is the most challenging.

The tower has a lot of different challenges.
Level one is pretty calm. Great for young kids.

We were pleased with the safety structure on the ropes course. Even our youngest felt secure during his time perched in the air. This is because they have a special clip on your harness that locks you in as you leave the ground. As you go along, this keeps you firmly clipped to a cable. Simply slide the clip along as you walk or cross through the obstacles. You are safe the entire way.

Our youngest did great!

There was a really nice variety of obstacles on the ropes course. We walked bridges, held onto ropes, and dodged in and out of poles, among many other things. Our oldest boys went on all the levels, but Mom was content to stay on level one. Finally, our youngest got worn out somewhere in the middle of level two. Of course, the guides climbed up and rescued him, taking him down safely when he couldn’t manage an obstacle. They were really great to us. We had no problem leaving a decent tip, since they were so helpful and interactive.

There are some tricky obstacles. It requires a lot of arm and core strength.
Mom had a great time, but she was sore the next day.
It was fun to watch our older boys move along above us.

We really enjoyed our time at Zipline Utah. There are good package deals , so check out their website for all of the information. Rainbow Bay Aqua Park is across the parking lot, and if you ride the zipline, they offer half off admission.

We enjoyed both the zipline and the ropes course.

Things to Know

  • There are age and weight requirements for each zipline. Our youngest had to ride with one of the guides, which was fine with him. But you’ll want to check before booking certain tours.
  • Sign the online waiver before arriving to save time.
  • Wear sunscreen and bring water. It gets hot up there in the summer.
  • Tips are appreciated, and we always recommend tipping those who are helping us so much. So plan on bringing some cash for a tip.
  • Zipline Utah is open all year, so you can zip in the winter, too!

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