Cedar City Aquatic Center

Cedar City has an awesome public pool located right next door to the Lake at the Hills. The aquatic center features indoor and outdoor pools and a really nice waterslide.


Inside the aquatic center there is a shallow place for the kids to play. The shallow area has a playground with a large bucket that dumps water on the swimmers below. It reminded us of the Lehi Legacy Center Pool. One feature that our boys thought was fun was a large pillow that you can slide on like a seal.

There was lots of space to swim.
This play area has sprayers and little slides.
This giant pillow was really fun for sliding.

Nearby is a lazy river. Our boys love to speed around the river, and the water isn’t deep anywhere in this section. Our 6 year-old could stand everywhere. Best of all, there is a large slide that requires climbing three staircases. It is very fast and shoots you out into a splash pool. Our boys went down the slide over and over.

The slide is speedy!
The slide goes outside and then back in again!

The outdoor pool is geared toward older kids. There is a low diving board and a basketball hoop. Our boys spent a little time, but even on a hot day, the wind outside kept us pretty cool. Also, going outside meant that we had to sunscreen up the boys. You can avoid this by staying inside.

This is the outdoor area. It isn’t quite as large as indoors.
There is a diving board that our oldest boys enjoyed.
We had fun playing basketball, too!

We loved the Cedar City Aquatic Center. It had a little bit of something for everyone. It was the perfect spot to cool off on a hot day.


Cedar City Aquatic Center is located at 2090 W Royal Hunte Dr in Cedar City. This pool is just a few minutes off the freeway and near Park Discovery.

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