Utah has a lot of amazing state parks. There are 46 Utah State Parks with two new ones coming soon. We love exploring each of these state parks and discovering what they have to offer.

There are lots of water/reservoir state parks that are great for boating, swimming, and other water recreation activities. And there are lots of beautiful state parks with gorgeous landscapes and geological features.

We write up all the details about the state parks, the highlights you don’t want to miss, and tips for visiting each Utah state park.

Snow Canyon State Park

We have been planning a trip to Snow Canyon State Park for a long time, and we finally made it! Snow Canyon is one of the most popular hiking state parks in Utah, and it deserves to be placed alongside other amazing hiking parks such as Goblin Valley, Antelope Island, and…


White Rocks Amphitheater | Snow Canyon

White Rocks Amphitheater is a short hike just outside the boundary of Snow Canyon State Park. The hike is short, but does have some fairly steep slick rock that must be traversed. It was very easy for our active boys, but make sure to wear good shoes and be prepared for…