Gardner Village Elves

Gardner Village makes the holidays a lot of fun. Every season they have different displays that are FREE for families to walk around and enjoy. During Christmas season, you can see the Gardner Village Elves. The elves are set up all around the village for you to find. And the village is a quaint, historic place to visit.

Gardner Village is a great historic spot and even the sign gets into the holiday spirit.

Gardner Village creates a scavenger hunt for families to find the elves. They have a printable (I’ll add the link once it is available for this year) with elves doing different activities. When you find one, simply write down the location in the In 2023, you’ll take your scavenger hunt to The Chocolate Covered Wagon for a free taffy.

This was a good day activity, and even though it was really cold, we walked around looking for elves and ducking into shops whenever we felt cold. There are lots of interesting shops for toys and games, candy, and books, as well as a bakery and a restaurant.

There are so many different elves to spot throughout the village.
Every year the elves are doing something different.
We enjoy walking through the village to find the elves.

We recommend this activity for those of you wanting to get out of the house for a while even though it is close to winter. It’s a nice daytime walk when it is a little warmer, but the village is lit up at night which is also really beautiful. So grab a clipboard, pencil, print the scavenger hunt, and have fun with Gardner Village Elves. Oh, and wear some little gloves so all those little hands stay warm when they are working on their scavenger hunt. You can find the current scavenger hunt from the Gardner Village website.

Print the scavenger hunt beforehand for to make everything easier.
Don’t miss out on your #elfieselfie!

Gardner Village is a fun spot to visit even without the elves. The village has many historic buildings with markers, as well as great spots for photos. There are also a bunch of ducks to feed, which is my boys’ favorite part of the trip to Gardner Village. You can buy duck food in the Chocolate Covered Wagon after you turn in your scavenger hunt. We also love the covered bridges.

Make sure to visit Gardner Village at other times throughout the year. They have witches in October, fairies in June, and an historic scavenger hunt that you can do anytime of year.

The ducks and geese love being fed right out of your hand.
The Gardner Village elves are very talented.

Tips for Families

  • Print the scavenger hunt beforehand. They are only asking for one per family/group now.
  • Bring a clipboard and pencil. This makes it so much easier for kids, and my boys think it is so cool to walk around with a clipboard.
  • Wear gloves to keep hands warm while they write answers down.
  • Dress for the weather! It will be chilly and the scavenger hunt is all outside.
  • Have fun and take lots of pictures.


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