Christmas Street in Magna

We found another Christmas Street in Magna. We enjoy driving down the Christmas Streets in Sugarhouse and Taylorsville, but we were excited to learn there is another Christmas Street to visit. This entire street in Magna has lights and they are bright and fun.

The entire street is lit up!

Christmas Street in Magna is amazing. There are about 15 houses on the street and every single one is decked out for Christmas. There are lights on the roofs, all over yards, on mailboxes, and more. We loved looking at all of the fun displays. There is one house that has singing light bulbs, so keep an eye out for the radio station on that house.

Every house has unique decorations.
We were really impressed with this huge sled and reindeer.
This street is dedicated to Christmas lights.
We loved the lights crossing over the street.
Most houses had something on their roof, too.

We drove this street on a Saturday, and it was busy, but we didn’t have to wait in line. Everyone was politely going slow and enjoying the lights. The street is also a cul-de-sac, which makes turning around at the end of the street easy. You could evendrive it a few times if you wanted to.

It is so hard to capture how cool this street is.
Some houses are extra bright!

If you drive out west to see Christmas Street in Magna, make sure to drive over to Whoville in West Valley. It’s about 10 minutes away, but the entire house is turned into a Who house. You can also check out the Lights on Arthur at 2004 Arthur Dr. in West Jordan (it is on our list to visit, but has been recommend to us many times).


Christmas Street in Magna is actually called Miracle Cove Street (7325 W). We put in the junction of 3100 S and 7200 W into our maps app. Then we went west on 3100 S and turned right onto 7325 W or Miracle Cove Street.

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