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Our youngest is always grateful when the baseball fields have a great playground. Gubler Park in Santa Clara is one of those spots. This park has a really fun playground for kids to play on, and the baseball fields are nice, too.

There are plenty of places to explore.

Gubler Park’s playground has a few references to the local history. Part of the playground has signs for Jacob Hamblin’s home and the old school house, which are local sites in Santa Clara. There are quite a few slides, as well as fun climbing spots. Our boys really liked the large red rocks, which reminded them of southern Utah, and the large tree house.

We liked how the playground ties to the local history and geology.
The treehouse and slide were our kids’ favorite part.
This is the smaller side for toddlers.

This park has a lot of different spinning toys for kids to enjoy and spin themselves dizzy. Part of the park is smaller for the toddlers to climb a little easier. There are also some swings for those kids who enjoy swinging. The ground is bark and there are a few shade sails over the main playground area.

The skinny toys are fun for the older kids.
He spun around until he felt sick!
There are a few swings at this park.

Gubler Park also has a splash pad. It wasn’t on when we visited, but there is a small area where some sprayers keep everyone cool in the hot weather of St. George. The splash pad isn’t next to the park, but just a short walk away. Check the city website to see when it turns on. (April 15- October 1 in 2021).

There is a large pavilion with tables, and benches around the park. Over by the baseball field there are bathrooms. There is a basketball court, walking trail around the park, and lots of grass by the playground and splash pad areas.

The red rocks in the background are beautiful.

Gubler Park in Santa Clara has a lot of fun for the entire family. We had a great time spending the weekend and for playing at the park. The backdrop to this park is also beautiful with Snow Canyon just a few miles away. We can’t wait to end up here again.

Address: 2375 Rachel Drive, Santa Clara, Utah. There is another fun park in Santa Clara called Canyon View Park that is nearby if you want to hit two parks in one day.

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