salem pond with ducks and fall leaves

Salem Pond | Knoll Park

We really love Salem Pond. It is a great place to spend a warm afternoon, and the mountains create a beautiful backdrop.. We have visited this park many times since we first began writing posts about Utah. Salem is a small town just northeast of Payson. The pond is located at 200 W 300 S in Salem, and is also referred to as Knoll Park.

Salem Pond is a beautiful spot.

Salem Pond has a ton of activities: fishing, birdwatching, a playground, big grassy areas, picnic tables, a path for walking, and a bridge that crosses the pond. There are benches all around the pond that have been set up for fisherman to use as they spend their days catching fish.

There are always quite a few fisherman around the pond.
This bridge is our favorite spot!

The playground isn’t very large, but it has some fun toys for the kids to climb on and explore. We love the large shady trees all around this area. There is a pavilion and picnic tables near the playground, too. There is also a sandy beach for the summer time. It isn’t a very large area, but would be a great spot to bring a few sand toys and splash along the edge of the pond.

We love the big shady trees around the playground.
The playground is great of toddlers.
The play area has some swings, too.

There are ducks, geese, and even a swan who live here. Make sure to take some duck food or cut-up grapes to feed them. They followed us around in hopes we might throw something their way, but we didn’t have anything to feed them with when we visited.

There were ducks all over the pond.
The swan definitely wanted something to eat.

Our kids begged us not to leave when it was time to go. It was beautiful in the fall, but I think it would be a great place to visit year round. We often stop here in the Spring, too, when we head to Salem for baseball games. We love the mountains reflecting on the pond.

A great time to visit Salem Pond is when they put Christmas Trees out on the pond for the holidays. They look beautiful all lit up and reflecting in the water. You can see pictures of Pond Christmas on our post here.

If you want to head to Salem Pond, from 1-15, take exit 253 (Benjamin) and head east on UT-164. Turn right onto 1200 W. Then turn left onto Center St. Take a right onto UT-198/State Rd. Turn left onto 300 S. Then left on 200 W. You can’t miss it.

Salem Pond is great family-friendly spot.

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  1. Sonia B

    We’ve taken a canoe on it in the summer. Beautiful place.