Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum

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On a rainy trip to St. George we came across a taxidermy museum that our boys really enjoyed. There are hundreds of animals in a massive display all arranged by continent. The Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum has two floors and focuses mostly on land mammals. If you love Cabela’s animal displays, this museum is a perfect place for you to visit.

The museum is two stories full of animals.

This museum was a large walkthrough, much like the Bean Museum in Provo. You start out in the African savanna, winding your way past blesboks and lechwes. Then you move on to North America and the mammals we commonly see here. There is a large bug and butterfly collection in this museum, too.

There are information signs by many of the displays.
We liked the nocturnal area.
The insect room was very interesting.

As you move upstairs, you come to the ungulates. There are more than a hundred types of goats, sheep, and cattle from Asia and Europe. Eventually you pass bears and moose. We couldn’t believe how many animals were in the Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum.

The museum is set up as a one way walk through.
We liked how the displays were also built to look natural.
There were so many animals to see.

There is also a room for hand-on adventures. The kids room contains puzzles, books, skins and antlers to touch, and a tent. Little ones love exploring in this room.

This museum does celebrate hunters as conservationists, so most of the animals inside have been hunted. There is a fairly big room detailing winners of the Weatherby Award, which is given to big game hunters who work to preserve animal habitats.

The hands-on room has great activities for young kids.
We read about the different hunters and awards.

The museum offers a guided listening tour that you can use on your smart phone. We thought the tour was great for the adults, but our kids weren’t as interested. They simply wanted to look at the animals.

Little ones will enjoy walking through this frozen-in-time zoo. Plan to spend about an hour enjoying the exhibits at the Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum! Check their website for pricing and hours.

The audio tour is better for adults.
Even the gift shop had some animals on display.

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