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We are always on the hunt for fun playgrounds throughout Utah. On a recent trip to St. George, we stopped at Dixie Spring Park in Hurricane and wow!! This park is awesome. There is a new all-abilities playground, plus two other playgrounds, a splash pad, a walking path, lots of grass, and a dog park. Our kids had so much fun playing here.

Dixie Springs Park is a lot of fun.

All Abilities Playground

The newer play area has nice cushioned floor so that wheels can access it, as well as a rocking toy and spinning toy that can accommodate wheelchairs. There are also a lot of places to climb and explore. The playground is quite large with many slides, including a very large one that a bunch of kids can go down at once. Our boys loved playing here with cousins.

This spinning toy is made for all-abilities.
These rocking gliders have a ramp so wheels can roll up.
There is a lot to do at this park.
This big slide is a ton of fun!
So many places to climb and so many slides!

This playground has our favorite little scavenger hunt game. There are 10 objects hidden around the playground, and it is fun to look for them as you play. There are also swings and other spinning toys around the main play area. We were grateful for the shade sails over this part of Dixie Springs Park. While the playground looks big, a lot of the items on one side of the playground are great for toddlers like small steps and mini slides.

We love these little scavenger hunts.
This is what the objects look like around the park.
There are a few musical instruments.
There are several spinning toys.
This side of the park is great for the littles.
There are swings thatare covered by shade sails.

Other Playgrounds

There are two other playgrounds at Dixie Springs Park in Hurricane. They are right next to the all-abilities area. These playgrounds are in great condition even though they are probably a little older. They have some fun old school rocking horses, which our kids thought were amazing. There are tons of slides and climbing places over on these playgrounds, too.

One of the two other playgrounds at Dixie Springs Park.
Our kids were fascinated with the see-saw.
This playground has some tall slides.

Splash Pad

The splash pad wasn’t running since we played here during the first week of February, but there looks to be quite a few splashers, some dumping cups and a splash river. It looks like a fun place to cool off in the summertime.

We really want to come check out the splash pad in the summer time.
There is a big river area, too.

Other Amenities

Dixie Springs Park in Hurricane has a lot of other great amenities for families:

  • Restrooms
  • Covered picnic tables
  • Small covered pavilion
  • Walking Path around park
  • Dog Park with fun jumps and things for the dogs, so even the dogs can have fun!

If you like Dixie Springs Park in Hurricane, you should also check out Thunder Junction and Hidden Valley Parks. They are both a lot of fun in the St. George area, too. Another fun park in Hurricane is Grandpa’s Pond Park.

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