Christmas Story Murals in Salem

Just around the corner from the Salem Pond Christmas Lights, we found a road that takes you through the Bible story. This street reminded us of Bible Street in Salt Lake.  This street is a loop that has pictures and verses from the Bible taking you through the life of Jesus Christ. The Christmas Story Murals Street is a great drive to remind you about the real reason for Christmas.

There is an entrance sign at the beginning of the loop on the west side of the road, but it is difficult to spot. Directions to the street are below. When you first pull on to the street, there are instructions for you to drive slowly with your park lights on and enjoy the scenes and scriptures. It starts with the Nativity, but the loop is rather long. The verses take you through many of the teachings of Christ, including the Sermon on the Mount. It’s amazing how many houses have participated in this event. You can read more about how it started here.

This sign is hard to spot in the dark while you are driving, but it does mark the beginning of the Christmas Story Murals.
You will see this sign first as you turn onto the street.
Every house on the street has a lit sign. It’s amazing.
The street begins with the birth of Jesus Christ, but ends with events from later in His life.

It will only take 10 or 15 minutes to drive through Salem Christmas Story Murals Street. Tt is only up during the Christmas season, but it is worth it if you are in the area. The Salem Pond Lights are just a few minutes a way, so they pair perfectly with this adventure. We also like to tie in the Spanish Fork Lights while we are down in that area of Utah County.

We love this last sign because Salem means Peace.

Christmas Story Murals Street in Salem begin at 730 S 70 W (Maple View Drive) in Salem.

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