Lightwalk at Tracy Aviary

Tracy Aviary is one of our favorite places in the Salt Lake Valley. Though we normally enjoy the bird show at the Aviary, the aviary has added a Christmas light show. Lightwalk at Tracy Aviary is a fun light display. The show runs from Nov. 24 through Dec. 23 and allows you to walk through the grounds while checking out the all the beautiful Christmas lights.

The grounds are lovely with all of the Christmas lights.

As you enter Tracy Aviary, go to the front desk. You can get tickets at the desk and spend as much time as you want in the small giftshop. When you exit the gift shop, head to the left. We found this way to be the best, so that we didn’t miss anything. The walking is all outside, and you can’t really see the birds, but there are a lot of cute displays, as well as some great spots to take photos.

You will first walk through some small light tunnels as you head toward the large gingerbread house. One of the buildings had been made to look just like a gingerbread house decorated with candy. It is adorable. There are also some large ornaments and stars that make for great Christmas card photos.

There are beautiful lights almost every where you go in the aviary.
Turning the Chase Mill into a Gingerbread house was amazing.
There are so many fun photo opportunities in Lightwalk at Tracy Aviary.
Our boys enjoyed the bright lights of this adventure.

Right by the stars you will find Santa! You can visit with Santa and take photos for free. He is at Lightwalk at Tracy Aviary each night beginning at 6:00 pm.

Santa was super sweet.

After you visit with Santa, follow that path from the gingerbread house up to the bright lights ahead. Soon you will come to a place that feels like a rainforest of lights. There are long streamers of lights that hang down over your head. This is another great place for some family photos.

You can see the bright lights from far away.
It is magical to walk under these bright lights hanging down.

Continue walking past the large It’s a Wonderful Life sign over to our favorite display: the light tunnel. The Light walk tunnel at Tracy Aviary is very long and very bright. Instead of being in a circular arch, this arch is more pointed and gorgeous. We managed to find it empty, so we took some fun photos in the tunnel.

The tunnel is so bright! Perfect for photos.
We all took a photo in the light tunnel.

After you walk through the light tunnel, you will pass some rainbow lights and enter the large light maze. Our boys enjoyed getting lost among the different colors of lights. But we soon found our way out of the light maze and found a small market with a few shops.

There is a cute bench by the rainbow for another photo shoot.
We had a fun time wandering through the light maze.

Farther along, we treated ourselves to some hot chocolate and cookies at the snack shack. This helped us stay warm as we walked around the lake. Thanks to the soft Christmas lights, we could make out the mallards, the hooded mergansers, and the canvas backs, so we bird lovers had a great time. This was a great experience for us!

Find the cafe at the back of the Tracy Aviary for some treats.
We found pelicans in the middle of the aviary.
There were a variety of ducks at the front pond.
We loved seeing the lights and the birds at the Lightwalk Tracy Aviary.

This was the route we took through the lights, but obviously you can enjoy the lights in any direction. The aviary is stroller and wheel-friendly. Visit Tracy Aviary’s Lightwalk page for current prices and hours. If you are looking for other holiday ideas, use our huge list on our Christmas Activities in Utah post.

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