Salem Pond Lights

We love the unique Christmas light display down in Salem, which is northeast of Payson in Utah County. They have a small pond in the middle of town, and they display Christmas trees on the water. The Salem Pond lights reflecting off the water are beautiful in the Pond Town Christmas display.

The lights reflecting on the water make this display beautiful and unique.

You can drive all the way around the pond and see all of the lights. There are huge Christmas trees lit up reflecting off the water, but there are also a few other fun lights like a whale at one end of the pond. Make sure to watch for the small Nativity display on the far end of the pond.

There are lights all around the pond and park.
The lights from the far end of the pond.
There is a small Nativity display.

We like to get out and walk on the bridge that spans across the pond. There is a small parking lot where you can walk along the pond over to the bridge. The bridge is narrow, but it offers a beautiful view of the Salem Pond Christmas lights.

The bridge is lit up as well.
Here are our young boys out on the bridge. This was one of our first adventures as Utah’s Adventure Family.
This is looking at the pond from the bridge.

It is a small display, but we like that it is free. We always pair this Christmas outing with the Spanish Fork Festival of Lights. If you take the backroads, they are only about 10 minutes apart.

We love the Salem Pond Christmas Lights.


These are the directions from the Festival of Lights to the Salem Pond Lights. When you leave the light display in Spanish Fork, take a right (even though it says not to). Follow this road (8800 West) for about 3 miles. Continue through the first stop sign, but when you come to a 2nd stop sign, turn left on SR-198. Follow this road into downtown Salem and take a left on 200 West. Then take a left on 300 South (there was a sign pointing the way at this intersection).

Salem Pond is located at 259 W Salem Lake Dr in Salem.

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  1. Erin Hong

    Beautiful pictures Natalie! I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing some of those photos with Deseret News for an article I’m working on. It’s about Christmas lights around Utah. Contact me at Thanks!

  2. angee

    Love both of these light festivals! Been going since I was a kid!