Canyon Road Haunt in Pleasant Grove

The Canyon Road Haunt can be found on Canyon Road in Pleasant Grove. This haunt is a drive through display and is open all day long. During the daytime you can see all the details of the Halloween decor, and during the night the lights are on and there is Halloween music playing.

They have some big spiders on Canyon Road.

We drove through the Canyon Road Haunt when it was light outside. The Halloween decorations are set up in the driveway, so you can make a loop through and see it all. We drove through once and then decided to walk through, too. We loved all the different skeletons and reading the tombstones.

The skeletons were having fun on their four-wheelers.
We liked the skeletons carrying another skeleton in a coffin.

There is a huge variety of things to see on this driveway. We saw Frankenstein, spiders, witches, and many more Halloween characters. There are some jumping spiders that spooked us when we were walking by, so watch out for them if you decide to walk.

We enjoyed walking through the display so we could see everything close up.
These spiders are fun and spooky!
The other side of the yard is filled with tombstones.

This display would be fun in the night time as well, so we are making plans to drive back through when the lights and animations are all on. Then we will add some pictures and videos showing how it looks all lit up.

There are lots of different spooky things at the Canyon Road Haunt.

The Canyon Road Haunt is a FREE activity, but they do use this Halloween time as a chance to collect donations for charity. You can bring a donation of nonperishable food, or cash, as a small payment for driving through the haunt.

Look for this spot where you can place your donations.
We thought the scarecrows were hilarious!


This year (2018) Canyon Road, is closed just south of the Canyon Road Haunt, so make sure to check their Facebook page for ideas on how to avoid construction.

Canyon Road Haunt is located at 4416 Canyon Rd in Pleasant Grove. Take Timpanogos Highway toward American Fork Canyon. Just before you enter the canyon, turn right onto Canyon Road. The Haunt will come up on your left in about 1.5 miles.

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