Dr. Seuss Birthday


Every year we celebrate Dr. Seuss on his birthday, March 2nd. We try to think of something fun that we can do at home that has to do with one of his books. Here are some fun ideas we have used in the past.

  1. Read Dr. Seuss Books: This is obviously the most important part of the day. There are so many to choose from. Really, we read them the entire month. We have an entire bin of Dr. Seuss books!Dr. Seuss
  2. Green Eggs & Ham: We eat green eggs and ham every year. I add a few drops of food coloring to the scrambled eggs and they turn green. I don’t dye the ham, and we actually prefer sausage, but I figure it comes from a pig, so it counts. You could use bacon too!Dr. Seuss
  3. Ten Apples up on Top: After reading this book, we tried to balance apples on our heads. Our kids thought this was hilarious, and it was super easy since we always have apples on hand. Our 5 year-old actually held three apples up on top before they fell over! Long enough for the picture below.
    Our two year-old could balance one apple pretty well!

    We were most excited about the 3 apples up on top. I’m not sure anyone could get to 10.
  4. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: Make blue jello and pour into individual cups before sticking in the fridge. Before serving, stick a few swedish fish in the jello. An easy treat for Dr. Seuss day!
    Jello and Swedish fish. Can’t beat it!

    Our kids were very excited for this treat!
  5. Wacky Wednesday: I think this was our favorite Dr. Seuss Day activity every year. Mostly because we, as parents, had so much fun making silly things around the house. And our kids loved waking up to a Wacky house. This one just takes a few minutes, and doesn’t cost a thing!
    If you have ever read Wacky Wednesday, you know that “it all started with that shoe on the wall.”
    This idea is from the book. The chairs are always messed up in some way.
    Our boys liked this one best. We have manners hanging in their rooms, but this Wacky Wednesday manner had them laughing pretty good.

    Mom was even surprised when she went to empty the dishwasher on Dr. Seuss’s Birthday an found the phone in with the dishes.
  6. Watch a Dr. Seuss movie: There are so many awesome Dr. Seuss movies now. We love the original old cartoon ones that are 30 minutes or so (especially The Lorax), but there are many full length movies now too.
  7. Make a fun treat. There are a million ideas out there. Here are the treats we made for playgroup last year. Apple slices with 10 Apples up on Top, Teddy Grahams for The Lorax, Blue Jello (mentioned above) with One Fish, Two Fish, and Cat in the Hat hats made out of bananas and strawberries. IMG_3083 IMG_3084

We will add more ideas each year as we continue to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday! Please leave comments if you have an amazing idea to share. Happy Dr. Seuss Day!

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