Ruby’s on the Pier

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We love to stop at Ruby’s when we are in CA.


Southern California is a great play place for Utahns. One of the places we always visit is Ruby’s restaurant. Ruby’s is a burger joint designed in the 50s style. They have burgers and fries as you’d expect, but the location of Ruby’s is anything but typical.


Ruby’s is located right at the end of the Balboa Pier. Just the walk out to the restaurant can be amazing. We saw fishermen pulling fish out of the ocean, 2 brown pelicans circling and landing in the water, and 2 sea lions swim right beneath us before we even made it to Ruby’s.

Walking down the pier is part of the experience of eating at Ruby’s here on Balboa Pier.
We saw a few sea lions. Our waiter told us that they had seen dolphins and a whale earlier in the week.
We saw brown pelicans and a few other shore birds.


There is inside and outside seating for the restaurant. You may have to shoo a few pigeons and seagulls if you opt for outside seating. You’ll also be surrounded by fishermen, but all this adds to the Ruby’s experience. The food is good, but the dining is excellent!

We opted to eat inside to help our children focus on eating! My sister was with us for this adventure! And make sure to get a shake…mmmm!
You can see the seats outside in this picture. Eating outside is fun, but watch out for the birds!


Afterward, we played right on the beach. It was amazing!

Ruby’s is at the end of the pier. And the beach is beautiful right next door. We had a lot of fun!


Ruby’s has restaurants throughout California (and in a few other states too), and is even located at the end of Oceanside pier as well. If you make a trip to Southern California, make sure to stop at Ruby’s. We have reviews of the Mormon Battalion Memorial, the San Diego Zoo, and SeaWorld as well.

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