Casper’s Malt Shoppe

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Watch for a little sign that directs you toward the Malt Shoppe.


If you travel north of Logan you have to stop and check out the ice-cream at Casper’s Malt Shoppe. Casper’s is famous for the Fat Boy, which is an ice-cream sandwich that most Utahns are probably familiar with.


We took the short trek off Highway 91 north of Logan onto 11600 North, which is technically in Lewiston. It’s less than a mile, and there is plenty of signage. The ice-cream is really good, and there are plenty of types to choose from. You can also stock up on Fat Boys if you have a cooler to haul them all home.

If you’re in the area, stop by for some ice-cream.


This is Casper’s Malt Shoppe at the back of the Fat Boy Factory.
We were pretty excited for some ice cream!
There is a freezer of Fat Boys for purchase. We seriously saw a lady filling up coolers in the back of her truck.
There are lots of choices and the prices are pretty reasonable!


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