Tracy Aviary

We are really bird lovers, and it has been awhile since we’ve been to the Tracy Aviary in Liberty Park. Our oldest doesn’t remember being there, and there have been a ton of upgrades since our last visit. In fact we’d never really written about this adventure before.


The aviary is almost as cool as the zoo. There are lots of trails to follow through the aviary, and it is definitely less crowded than the zoo. We like the big trees and trails that make it feel like you are in “the wild.” Even though most of the birds are in cages, we saw a few wild hummingbirds, quail, and others!

Tracy Aviary

Here are a few of our favorite things about The Tracy Aviary.

1. Feeding the Birds

There is a spot where you can feed the birds. Our boys love interacting with the animals, so we always pay the quarter for food and feed some ducks. It was fun and in a super shady spot where we could all enjoy the ducks.

Tracy Aviary

2. Variety of Birds

There is a large variety of birds. From the King Condor which is huge, to the gray owls, to the amazon birds, the flamingos, and even small tweeters (as we call them). There are lots of fun birds to look at and observe. Some are native to Utah, many are not. We love the variety.

If you’re there at the right time, you might get to feed these guys.
The owl section was Dad’s favorite. These Great Grey Owls are almost as big as our 2 year-old.
Somehow it seemed unfair that the swans didn’t have to pay a quarter.
Isn’t this condor… umm… beautiful?

3. Nature Dome

There is a dome where you can walk among the birds. We LOVE this part. You walk inside the dome and it has shorebirds that are native to Utah. You walk on a boardwalk right with the birds. There was one black-necked stilt who hung out with us while we tried to spot all the different types of birds inside. This makes you feel like you are in the wild.

That black-necked stilt seemed to think he was part human.
He certainly wasn’t too afraid of our boys.

4. Bird Shows

We’ve loved the bird show at Hogle Zoo, and now the aviary has followed suit by adding an amazing upclose bird show. Not only that, but we went to the show at 10:30 am and 11:30 am and both shows were different and featured unique birds. This is our favorite new activity at the Tracy Aviary! In the winter, the have an indoor bird show!

Tracy Aviary
The bird shows use a ton of volunteers, so lots of kids were involved.
Tracy Aviary
The birds fly VERY close to you. It is so fun!
Tracy Aviary
They also have poles where birds will sit throughout the seats, so you can see them up close and personal.
Tracy Aviary
This bird’s wing flapped right on our heads.
Tracy Aviary
If you make a donation, you can “feed” the parrot your dollar.

5. Birding Stations

The birding stations. These stations look just like the pockets in our car with binoculars and bird books. They also have bird feeders near by. We loved that the boys could try to look and identify birds just like we do when we go bird watching.

In this out of the way corner we saw several hummingbirds humming around the flowers.
It was late in the season when we went, but in the spring, the gardens must be beautiful.

6. The Play Areas

There are lots of exploration places for the children. There is a treehouse to climb, a vine tunnel, rocks to climb, and other activities. We like that the boys can run around outside and have fun while enjoying the aviary as well.

This structure is right near the owls.
The grounds have such a nice feel.
Each of the stones on this path was dedicated to one of Utah’s wetlands.
Our boys never miss a photo-op!

We loved Tracy Aviary.  They are open 9-5 every day, and the cost is very affordable. The summer prices are slightly higher than winter costs. They have lots of shows going on throughout the day, as well as bird encounters that require a fee. For more information visit their website: Tracy Aviary. We did a few Little Chicks classes at the aviary and we loved them if you are interested in a fun adventure for your young children.

These are the bird books and binoculars that were at Tracy Aviary and that we use when we go birding.

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