Kona Ice Truck


The Kona Ice Truck is one of our favorites. It is basically like the Sno-Shacks that you see on the side of the road with two major differences.


First, the Kona Ice Truck is mobile. It can be found all over Utah Valley. We randomly run across the truck, and we always have to either stop, or pray that our kids don’t see it! The owner is really awesome, and he’ll even come to your event or party (though there is special pricing on their website for this service).


Second, the Kona Truck lets you dispense your own flavor. On the side of the truck their are spouts that you use to add your own flavoring. Assuming you are hanging out in the area of the truck, you can go back and add a little flavor, mix flavors, or do whatever you want. This is fun for our kids, as they think they are amazing if they mix in a little of every flavor.

We loved making our own creations, and also going back for more syrup when we needed it.

To find the Kona Ice Truck in North Utah County, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. There are trucks all over Utah, you can find them at the Kona Ice Website.

We LOVE sno cones!
We LOVE sno cones!

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