Bajada Nature Trail | Joshua Tree

The Bajada Nature Trail in Joshua Tree is at the very southeast corner of the national park. It is near the entrance to the park and would be a great stop to get out and stretch your legs before arriving at the Cottonwood Visitor Center.

The hike is totally flat and easy, but there is very limited shade along the way. There were some interesting signs that were posted along the trail. These signs pointed out some of the cool flora in the area. There was also a chance to see a desert tortoise, but that chance is low.

The trail begins right at the parking area.
Bajada Nature Trail is completely flat.

The Bajada Nature trail in Joshua Tree is a quarter mile loop that never really leaves sight of the parking lot. Since it is totally flat, you may be able to push a stroller along the unpaved path, though the trail is a little sandy. It’s short enough that you could carry a small child or let them walk instead of using the stroller. The trail also has a few benches if anyone needs to sit and rest.

We always love learning about the local plants and animals.
There are a few benches to rest.
The red mountains make a nice backdrop for this trail.

It’s not very often that we encourage people not to try an adventure. Most adventures we try, we enjoy, and we like to share that joy with others. We did enjoy the Bajada Nature Trail in Joshua Tree National Park. However, it you wondering whether it is worth the drive from the north end of the park to visit this small walk, it is definitely not. You should only visit this area if you are coming in from the south, or if you have lots of extra time to spend. We found this to be true for the entire Cottonwood Springs area. We have a post with lots of other great Family Friendly Trails: Kid Hikes in Joshua Tree.

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