Fall Hikes in Utah

Fall is our favorite season in Utah! We love the reds, oranges, and yellows that appear all over the mountainside as Fall arrives in Utah. There are lots of great spots for Fall colors, and one of the best ways to see them is by hitting the trail. We are sharing our favorite fall hikes in Utah so you’ll know where to go with your family to enjoy all the colors.

Temple Quarry trail

Walking through the trees as the colorful leaves slowly fall to the ground is an amazing experience, so we want to share with you our favorite Fall Hikes in Utah. These are some of our favorite hikes year round, but we especially love these trails in Autumn. You won’t want to miss these Fall hikes! If you would rather enjoy the fall colors from your car, check out our post about our favorite Fall Drives in Utah.

Grotto Falls

This is our number one recommendation for any family-friendly hike. It is simple, fun, and beautiful. Grotto Falls is located on the Nebo Loop, which is also one of our favorite spots for Fall drives.

Ghost Falls

Ghost Falls is a fun one to hike in the Fall because of the Halloween name, but there is a high chance the waterfall will be gone. This trail makes a beautiful Fall hike, though, and we enjoyed the leaves popping their bright colors along the way.

Cascade Springs

Cascade Springs is located on the Alpine Loop (which requires a fee), but it is a beautiful drive out to the springs. The trail has a waterfall, and is fairly simple since it is mostly paved or a boardwalk. We have pushed our stroller on this trail, but there are some steep ups and downs.

Willow Heights

Willow Heights is a great summer hike, too.

This trail has a steep climb up to the Willow Heights Lake, but the trail is filled with aspens and they turn golden yellow in the Fall. We love the small little lake that is also surrounded by aspens! We haven’t done this hike in the Fall, but we can’t wait to give it a try.

Bell Canyon Reservoir

Bell Canyon is located right in Sandy. We often call this an urban hike because you can see the streets and stoplight for the first 15 minutes along the way. We hiked this trial in Fall and loved the gorgeous colors around the lake.

Temple Quarry

We especially love the Temple Quarry trail because it is so short and it is stroller friendly. This trail is right at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon, and the leaves here are always pretty.

Stairs Gulch

This trail is one of our favorite Fall hikes because it’s less traveled. We have never passed anyone on the trail, and the colors line the path as you climb up the gulch. We also enjoy this trail because you can explore as much as you want down toward the water, or just stick to the main trail.

Scout Falls

The leaves were just starting to change when we were at Scout Falls. At the end of September they will be perfect!

We hiked to Scout Falls over Labor Day weekend and the leaves were already starting to change. In just a few weeks, this trail will be perfect for enjoying the Fall colors. Even though the waterfall was small, we still enjoyed the unique mossy waterfall along with the leaves.

Stewart Falls

This photo is on the way to Stewart Falls trailhead.

This trail was recommend to us as a great Fall hike. We usually hike this waterfall in the summer so we can splash in the cool water, but we do love driving the Alpine Loop near Sundance because the leaves are bright and beautiful. We are excited to check this one out in Fall because it will be spectacular.

Payson Lakes

We love the drive along the Nebo Loop, and we love the easy walk around Payson Lakes.  The trail is paved and stroller friendly. The lake is a great place for a picnic, and the colors are always beautiful in Payson Canyon.

Wardsworth Trail

The Wardsworth Trail in Hobble Creek Canyon is a gorgeous trail all year round. We love walking along the creek among the trees, and crossing all the bridges. The trees along this trail are gorgeous in the fall.

Mormon Pioneer Trail

Mormon Pioneer Trail

The Mormon Pioneer Trail runs for 18 miles throughout the East Canyon/Emmigration Canyon area. We finally made it up to try this hike in the fall, and we were not disappointed. The colors were beautiful and the areas that we hike this trail are flat and easy! Make sure to use our directions so you can find the simple parts of this long trail to enjoy.

Observation Point

Observation Point Trail

This trail is a paved trail behind Snowbird. It is a great wheel-friendly hike for the fall. The colors in Little Cottonwood are stunning, and walking through the yellow aspens is one of our favorite things to do. This trail is only 1.0 mile roundtrip, and we always see wildlife hanging around here, too.

We will add to this Fall Hikes in Utah list as we find more trails that are great for Autumn, so please share your favorites with us in the comments below. Here are a few suggestions from our readers that we need to try in the Fall:

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