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Bates Haunt | Halloween House

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2021)

We found another great Halloween show, this time in Taylorsville. Bates Haunt reminded us a lot of another great stop at Baird Manor in Lehi. At this show, there are four singing pumpkins in the front yard. Faces are projected on the pumpkins, and they sing a variety of songs, That House Wants to Eat You being our favorite.

The house is covered in screen projections.

While the pumpkins are singing, projections on the front of the house show dozens of different scenes. We laughed at the dancing skeletons and marvelled at the scary singing skull. We also enjoyed the spiders, ghosts, and the giant eyeball that kept peering creepily at us.

The screens go onto the fence and the graveyard scene on the side.
We enjoyed watching the singing pumpkins.
This song was fun where the vines take over the house.
This was the spookiest projection–the big skeleton face.

The entire show lasts about 20 minutes, so tune your radio to 99.9 FM. There is also a small speaker across the street if you stand next to the bushes. This is a unique house with songs we hadn’t heard before at other Halloween light shows.

Our boys liked that the house kept trying to eat things!

We really love these new projection houses. Our boys always want to watch the entire show. Give Bates Haunt a try and see if you like it, too! The show runs from mid-October to Halloween.

Bates Haunt is located at 1233 W Morning Oaks Dr in Taylorsville. In Apple Maps I had to use Salt Lake City for the city in the address, but in Google Maps, Taylorsville worked just fine.

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