Big Springs Park in Provo Canyon

One of our favorite spots for a picnic is Big Springs Park in Provo Canyon. This park is beautiful! We especially love it in the Fall. The colors are spectacular. If you are looking for a great spot to spend an afternoon, this is the place you want to go!


Big Springs Park is fun in the summertime. This park has lots of picnic tables, so there is always a place for lunch. There are also two large pavilions if you need more space. The stream flows right through the park, so the kids can toss rocks or float sticks.

The picnic tables all have grills next to them, too.
The stream is shallow, and it’s perfect to play by.
There is also a little paved trail from top to bottom of the park along the stream.

We enjoy the large grassy field where we can throw a frisbee or play tag. There are also lots of shade trees around the picnic areas, which is really the number one reason we love this park. There are restrooms, too.

There is a huge grassy field that it’s perfect to play as a family.
There is so much shade!

There is a trailhead at the large parking area at this park. A few different trails spur off from this spot, but the trail that most families take is Big Springs Hollow Trail. We don’t always hike the entire thing, but it is a nice, shady trail.


We never miss a visit to Big Springs Park in the Fall. The drive along South Fork Road to this park is pretty, but the leaves at this park are amazing. To see the best colors, park at the big parking lot at the west side of the park above the bathrooms. Then you can hike along the Big Springs Hollow trail along the stream, but we prefer to hike along the old road. We’ve also seen elk, deer, and moose in this area.

Big Springs really pops in the Fall!
The old road is a great place to view the colors.

You can walk either direction on the road, or both if you want, but the leaves are gorgeous. It is a tradition to enjoy the leaves and then eat a picnic at the park! So you might see us there.

The view at Big Springs is beautiful.
It’s a great spot for family pictures, too.

Provo Canyon

There are lots of great things to do in Provo Canyon. You can fish at Vivian Park, hike Upper Falls or Bridal Veil Falls, or ride bikes along the Provo River Parkway. There is another great park called South Fork Park just a mile or so before Big Springs that is fun and shady, too.


  • Go to Provo Canyon from your location.
  • Turn onto South Fork Road just before/after the tunnel in Provo Canyon depending on which direction you are arriving from. Vivian Park is right at this junction.
  • Follow South Fork road for 3.2 miles to Big Springs Park. There is a small sign, so keep your eyes open.

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