Pleasant Grove Christmas Lights

We love Christmas Lights, and we are always so impressed with the amazing houses right in our neighborhoods. We’ve collected an awesome route for Pleasant Grove Christmas Lights. Follow the instructions below to see the best light shows in Pleasant Grove. You can make the entire route in one night! We just updated this list for 2023 with the houses currently participating.

Center St. & Main St

You can get out and walk through the small park, or just drive by.

Start right on Center Street and Main Street in Pleasant Grove. The lights in the park are really beautiful. The city has wrapped them so thickly that you can get out and go for a walk through this small park if you like.

100 E 200 S

This pioneer home would be beautiful on any day.

Right along the route to the next show we found this house. There is no music and no dancing lights. There is just a beautiful old house with a lot of lights and decorations. Since this house is right along our planned route, it is a great stop.

769 E 200 S

Edwards Family Light Show has been popular for years.

The Edwards Family Light Show (Tune to 107.7 FM) is right across from the Pleasant Grove High Seminary and it is a nice show timed to music. This show is pretty popular, and there were a dozen cars when we were there. Luckily, there is a lot of parking in this area.

283 N 960 E

We like unique, so the dueling lights made our list.

Despite being a little smaller on the lights, this show is really unique. Two families across the street from each other share timed lights and the same music. When we watched, the program featured the song Dueling Banjos. This made it look as if the lights on the two houses were dueling! It was cool to see houses on opposite sides of the street coordinated to music. (Tune to 89.9)

This is the dueling house across the street.

1736 N 70 E St.

This house has a fun animated display. They project a 3.5 minute Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer-themed show every 10 minutes. In between the show start times, their lights are synced to music. Tune in to FM 88.7. FM.

The show is quick, but very fun.

2465 N 600 W

You can go small and simple because what really matters is the music you choose.

This house has some nice traditional music to go along with its dancing lights. The arches in the front bounce as the trees light up. It’s a simple show, but we really liked their choice of music. This is definitely worth a stop along the way. (Tune to 89.9) There is a little construction making it a little tricky to get to this one in 2023.

851 2800 N

This bright light display is in memory of Mr. Richard Watts.

This is the one of the most amazing light displays that we’ve seen. It says “In memory of Richard Watt,” who passed away in previous years. You can see the tall trees from this house from a long distance away! The trees are so thickly covered with lights that it looks a little like Temple Square. We weren’t sure we’d ever seen this many lights on a residential display. No music, but a lot of bright lights.

So many lights!!!

2007 N 1560 W

The lights extend to the barn in the back, too.

Our final house on this drive is our new favorite. A beautiful tree does most of the work, though two smaller screens display images of Santa and his reindeer. The house has a lot of flashing, dancing lights, but the tree is like a screen. Images from Disney shows such as Beauty and the Beast and Moana make this a great show for kids. (Tune to 94.3)

The tree had a Missile Command moment, shooting lasers at cities like in the classic video game.

We love the Pleasant Grove Christmas Lights Drive. You can make the whole route in about an hour and a half depending on how long you watch at each stop. Make sure to give it a whirl, and if you know of a house we missed, please leave us a heads-up in the comments. You can also check out other light drives for Lehi, Saratoga Springs, West Salt Lake Valley, and East Salt Lake Valley.

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