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Lehi Christmas Lights

(Last Updated On: December 2, 2021)

We love living in Lehi and we have found many different Christmas light displays right in our backyard. You can visit all of these houses in one night, in one big circle. We had fun watching these Lehi Christmas lights.

2021: We have verified all of these houses. All of them are doing their lights except one (stop #3).

Stop #1: 1039 W 1630 S Lehi

This new show is a lot of fun!

There is a new light show this year, and we really enjoyed the Butterfield Family Lights. This is the one house south of Pioneer Crossing, so we are starting our drive here first. They have a lot of fun things happening in their light show with screens, and we enjoyed that the show told us what song it was playing. 

Stop #2:  2489 W. 700 S. Lehi

Tune to 107.7

Head west on Pioneer Crossing to 2300 W, and then north to 700 S. The Downey Family Christmas Lights display has a lot of lights, and so many fun changing things going on. The trees do all sorts of things, and there is a fun screen that is always doing something silly. This is one of our favorite stops. This display gets better every year. Plan on about 30 minutes to watch all the songs in this show. 

Stop #3: 500 S 1700 W Lehi

There aren’t a ton of lights, but they still dance to the music.

***This show wasn’t running when we drove by the first week of December.

Head west along 700 S after watching the Downey show and visit this next stop. This little light show is right along the busy street, but it is timed to music so we alway stop to watch. This year they have added a few more lights and the reception was better on the radio station, so we really enjoyed it.

Stop #4: 634 S 640 W. Lehi

This house is brightly lit!

On your way to the next bright light show, make sure to turn on 640 W and visit this house. It is covered in lights, too. We really love the large Christmas lights hanging above the fence. It’s a quick stop, and then you can head onto the next stop. 

We love finding all the unique lights at these individual houses.

Stop #5: 37 E. 920 S. Lehi

This is a new addition this year. We loved all the blow-ups and the changing lights on the roof.

This is a new house (2020) and we really love all of their blow up Santas. They have fun lights that are bright and change colors, but the highlight are the huge blow ups to look at it. It’s a fun stop on your way to the famous Lehi lights.

Stop #6: 250 E. 700 S. Lehi

This house has tons of lights!

This house is bright! You can see it from quite a distance. We love driving by, and we start our light drive here. We usually drive past the house a few times so that we can notice all of the fun things on display. There is no music, just a lot of lights!

You will see these lights from quite a aways away.

Stop #7: 100 S. Center St. Lehi

We love to drive up and see this brightly lit house. There aren’t dancing lights or music, but this house is a beautiful old Lehi treasure. It is well lit, and it’s a great stop as you head up to a few of the houses above Main Street.

We like how the whole house is covered in lights!

Stop #8: 1031 W 300 N

The Howlett Family did such a great job with their show.

The Howlett Family put up a great new Christmas light show, and this house is definitely worth a stop. The lights are well timed, the tree is amazing, and the songs are very fun! This show gets really busy on the weekends, so be patient and don’t block the house.

Stop #9:  348 W 1560 N Lehi

Baird Manor changes to different Christmas houses.

Baird Manor had an amazing Halloween light show where they turned their entire house into a screen. Well now they have done it again for Christmas and it’s fun to see the different scenes they have on their home. Elves crashing the trees and Santa’s workshop are some of the fun displays. The show lasts about 5 minutes.

Stop #10: 336 W 1850 N Lehi

Make sure to pull over and look at this amazingly bright home. It is right between Baird Manor and On the Bright Side. There is a lot to see in this yard.

Stop #11: 366 W 2800 N Lehi

On the Bright Side is smaller, but fun.

On the Bright Side has a small display, but it is timed to music and they have a fun variety of songs. They do a show for Halloween and Christmas. This house is in a cul-de-sac, so make sure to be polite to where other cars are parked.

There are a lot of different colors in this display.

We have enjoyed finding all the great Lehi Christmas Lights. If you have a favorite that we missed, please share in the comments.

Lehi has a bunch of great Christmas light displays.


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