Saratoga Springs Christmas Lights

We have enjoyed creating these Christmas light drives, and we hope that your family enjoys them, too. Driving around finding fun Christmas lights is one of our favorite things to enjoy during the holiday season. Here is a list of Saratoga Springs Christmas lights, but it includes two houses in Eagle Mountain! The best part of this show is that every single house has a display timed to music. It will definitely fill a few hours in your evening.

2023 Update: A Very Merry Meridian is not putting on a show this year, which is super sad. We hope they are back next year. So we are leaving them on the list, but you’ll need to skip them this year.

Stop 1: 709 S Highpoint Dr

The first house has a small display, but it is timed to music (tune to 92.1 FM). We loved the bright lights on this display and they have added a new screen to their front window. 2023: Since this display is smaller, and since A Very Merry Meridian isn’t happening, you might not drive all the way down to this one this year.

Stop 2: A Very Merry Meridian

Not happening in 2023! This show is probably the most popular show in Utah right now. It falls right in the middle geographically on this drive, but we suggest starting with this house right at 5:30 when the lights turn on, and then heading one way or the other on the drive. Or you can just visit this house on another night. It’s that epic. You can also try coming here late (like after 9:00) and the line dies down then, too.

The show is very impressive, so it is definitely worth a visit. You can see more on our blog post even though it has grown since we last went. Tune to 92.1 FM for this show. Address: 632 N. Meridian Drive.

Stop 3: Lights on Sunnyvale

This is our favorite new show. It is located in Eagle Mountain, but not too far from the other light shows. The yard is so big that we couldn’t even fit all of the lights in this picture! The lights are timed to music and we loved their song choices. Our boys especially loved the talking trees. Location: 9447 N Sunnyvale Dr and tune to 93.1 FM.

Stop 4: 2408 E Riley Dr. (Eagle Mountain)

On our way to Lights on Sunnyvale, we saw some dancing lights and pulled over to check them out (2023). This house has a fun display, but so far there was only one song playing. But if you are looking to check out another dancing light display, make this quick stop. Tune to 90.3 FM.

Stop 5: Engh Family Christmas Lights

This has been a family favorite for many years. This light show is bright and fun. The family does an amazing job putting all of these lights up and timing them to music. There is a fun screen on the roof, so make sure to park where you can see it. Tune to 92.3 FM for the Engh Family Lights at 451 W Bountiful Way.

Stop 6: 2406 N Nectar Way

We think this house is so much fun, and they have a Santa Mailbox. So have your kids bring their letters with them. Make sure to include a return address and they’ll receive a letter back from Santa. The lights aren’t timed to music this year (2023), but it was still fun to see all of the decorations. We got out of the car and walked.

Let us know if we missed any great shows in our Saratoga Springs Christmas Lights drive. We are so grateful to all of the people who put together these amazing holiday light shows for us to enjoy. Check out these other Christmas Light Drives:

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  1. Heidi

    Thank you for putting this list together! We went to three of the houses today and enjoyed the shows they put on!

    1. Natalie Ockey

      We are so glad that you enjoyed the shows! People create such amazing light shows.

  2. Erin Smith

    We loved Sunnyvale! The owner was walking around in his Santa costume handing out candy canes. We’re in Eagle Mountain so it was nice having one closer to home. The other one on the way there (Ridley?) had 3 songs or more btw and was fun too.

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Thanks for the update on the other eagle mountain home. I figured they would add more as the season went along. And we agree with you about loving Sunnyvale–it’s so great!!

  3. Trade Show Geek

    Thanks for putting us as your #2 Stop.

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Thanks for creating such a cool show! We loved your projections and videos.