Hidden Haven Waterfall

There’s a great waterfall just outside Parowan that was really fun for our kids. Though the hike is somewhere between easy and moderate, we took 11 children ages 1 to 13. They all had a great time. The Hidden Haven Waterfall hike is an easy length at 1 mile to the waterfall (making it 2 miles roundtrip), but there is some scrambling up the channel in a few spots that require adult help.

Hike Info

  • Rating: Easy to Moderate
  • Distance: 2.0 miles RT
  • Elevation Gain: 275 feet
  • Dog-Friendly: Yes

Between 5 and 6 miles up Parowan Canyon, there is a large pullout on the left side of the road. This is more of a parking lot than a pullout, and there is a fence with a sign for Hidden Haven. The trail starts at this parking lot and turns down to the left along the road. In fact, it follows along the road for the first 1/4 mile.

This is the large pullout for parking.
The trail is clearly marked and easy to find.

The trail is narrow and rocky, but there are no major obstacles for the first half mile. This hike walks in and out of the shade, and even crosses the creek on a bridge. We saw quite a few birds, as well as some squirrels and chipmunks. Our favorite sighting was a hummingbird in its nest. It was so neat!

The hike is partially shaded. You will be in and out of the shade.
We enjoyed walking through the forest.
There are two bridge crossings.
This hummingbird had two eggs in her nest. On the way back, she was gone, so we peeked inside.
We saw a few different types of butterflies along this trail, including this Weidemeyer’s Admiral and some Swallowtails.

Eventually, the trail splits with the right fork heading uphill to the amphitheater and the left fork heading over to the stream. Make sure to stay left toward the dry creek bed. We started heading up to the right, but quickly turned around once we saw the amphitheater. Follow the stream bed.

We hiked in the morning so it was still cool.
DON’T go to the right here as we are doing. We are headed the wrong way. When you see this bench, stay left.
This is the trail that you want to take. It heads toward the stream bed.

The trail walks along the stream bed, and after a little while there is water in the stream. Soon the trail passes through a campground with some picnic tables. After you pass the picnic tables, you will need to climb down into the channel.

The hike walks along the stream in a few different sections.
There are pretty views along the way.
Here are the picnic tables. Once you pass through this area, look for a way down into the creek bed.
We climbed down and walked along the creek to the waterfall.

This is where the scrambling begins. The trail straddles the stream and several crossings are required, but it isn’t more than ankle deep, and we found plenty of sturdy stepping stones. As you draw closer to the waterfall, a few large boulders require you to climb over or around, but it was mostly pretty easy, even for our little ones, though we did offer hands to help steady them. The rock scrambling added to the adventure of this hike.

Follow the creek upstream.
There are a few boulder scrambles. Big kids are a great help on hikes like this.
This dripping rock was beautiful. We stopped for a minute to cool off.
There are lots of big rocks to scramble around.
Soon the waterfall comes into view.

Finally, the trail opens up and a tall waterfall comes into view. Hidden Haven Waterfall is a beautiful cascade because the water free falls its way to the rocks below. You can even get right up close for a shower if you like. This is definitely one to add to your waterfall list. We’ve added it to our List of 35 Waterfalls in Utah.

Hidden Haven Waterfall was beautiful!
You can stand right by the waterfall.
This is one of our new favorite waterfall hikes.


From I-15 take exit 75 or 78 for Parowan depending on which direction you are coming from. Head east into town. When you reach the corner of Center and Main in Parowan, set your odometer. Then, drive 5.8 miles up Center Street into the canyon until you see a large pullout area with a white sign on the left side of the road that says, “Parowan Canyon Wildlife Management Area”.

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