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This park has been recommended to me many times and we were finally able to go check it out. East Riverfront Park is located in South Jordan, and it is a fun little park. There are a lot of amenities that make this park a great spot to spend a few hours as a family. We especially loved that it is set up to look like the wetlands.

East Riverfront Park has a lot to do!

All Abilities Playground

The playground has a large toad to greet you, as well as cattails and a giant bird. The information sign talks about the wetlands area near the Jordan River, and the animals and plants that are represented. There are a few different slides, monkey bars, stepping blocks, and swings.

We loved all of the references to wetlands at this playground.
Plenty of activities for big and little kids.
The big slide was closed when we visited. We hope it gets fixed soon.

One of the areas of the playground that we enjoyed were the little seats underneath the playground. Kids can go down there to find a little bit of shade and there are a few small activities, too. We also really loved the musical instruments. There is a large keyboard, drums, chimes, and a sound maker that were fun to make different types of sounds.

Going under the playground was a lot of fun for the kids.
The musical instruments makes this park extra fun.

East Riverfront Park is an all-abilities park. The flooring makes it easy for everyone to move around, including those on wheels. They also have a ramp to take you up to play with the musical instruments. There is a large rocking area and a merry-go-round, too, that are both great for wheelchairs. If you are in need of a park with all-abilities, East Riverfront park is a good one to check out.

This park is set up to be inclusive for everyone.
Wheelchairs can access this rocking toy.
This merry-go-round is also set ups for wheelchairs.


East Riverfront Park has a lot of different amenities. There is a large pavilion with restrooms attached with lots of tables. We also like that there are a bunch of tables spread throughout the grass surrounding the park, and they were all in the shade. This would be a great place to have a picnic lunch after playing at the park. A short walk (or drive) takes you to the Riverfront fishing ponds. You could also bring some fishing poles and spend a little time fishing before or after a visit to the playground. Here is more information about the ponds.

The pavilion has lots of tables and a large grill.
The Jordan River runs right behind the park.
There are lots of shady spots around the park, but no shade over the playground.


My maps app took me to the wrong spot, so we had to drive around for a bit until we found this park. The address listed on the sign is 11129 S River Front Parkway. The park is behind some buildings right along the Jordan River Parkway Trail. We took River Front Parkway in South Jordan and then turned on 10901 South into the parking lot. Then we drove passed the buildings to the parking lot for the park. There is also another park called West Riverfront Park that you might see on this road, but it’s a little smaller.

We like this park a lot!

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