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Draper City Park is well known for the Tree of Life display that is turned on every Christmas. We love the tree, but now there is even more reason to stop by the park. Draper City added a massive all abilities park that has a little something for everyone. The new playground equipment is located near the pavilion just about 50 yards from the tree, and it is truly huge.

This new play equipment is awesome.

The new Unity playground at Draper City Park has two colossal towers connected by a bridge. These towers stand close to forty feet tall. The towers are connected on two levels, and the equipment is all covered and netted in, so it is impossible to fall. There are multiple long slides that come down from the towers. Four of them are long steep tunnels that the kids will love. There are also a few shorter slides, include one wide, gentle all abilities slide. Our boys loved checking out each of the slides.

The park is huge. Look at the tall towers!
Everything is very safe for climbing.

There are several other structures near the twin towers. A see-saw that sets you down gently was quite popular. There are three swing structures, including an all-abilities swing. There is also a fun merry-go-round with special seats, and a few other low bridges and climbing areas.

Our boys also liked a separate climbing structure that was like a large, hollowed out ball. It was reminiscent of the pyramid at Neptune Park, but quite a bit smaller. Of course, their favorite play piece was the electronic game that had them chasing and running around pushing flashing buttons. Those are always a hit with our kids.

This climbing structure is a lot of fun for kids of all ages.
The playground has so many different places to play.
Our boys love this spinning toy. It make me queasy!!
These electronic games are always popular.

In addition to the new equipment, there are updated bathrooms, a pavilion, and quite a bit of shade at this Draper City Park. The ground is the spongy new surface popular in parks. We like this better than the woods chips or shredded tire, but it does seem to hold in the heat, which can make the surface hot on a scorching day. There is also a sand volleyball pit nearby.

Unity Playgroundis definitely a fun place to play.

Draper City Park is worth checking out. The equipment is new and unique, and there is a lot to do! If you are looking for other fun parks in the Salt Lake County area, use our Best Parks list to find one near you.

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