Adventure Playground | Whittier Community Center

Adventure Playground

Lots of people have recommended the Adventure Playground at Whittier Community Center, so when we went to Logan a few weeks ago, we took the opportunity to check this park out. We found out that this park was accessible for everyone and a lot of fun!


Adventure Playground has a similar look to Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove. It has a castle look and there are a ton of places to explore. Adventure Playground is made from trex instead of wood, so there is no need to worry about splinters, and kids with special needs can enjoy the park a little easier.

Adventure Playground 4
The castle look makes the park so much fun to play on.
Adventure Playground 7
Our boys loved the boat section of the playground.

The park is wheelchair accessible because the ground is covered in a black padding so that wheels can easily move around on it. This also means it is pretty hot in the summer months on the ground, so we would recommend visiting in the spring, fall, or summer mornings and evenings. We were there in the afternoon and we could feel the heat coming up from the ground.

Adventure Playground 3
Volunteers built this playground so anyone could play!
Adventure Playground 9
The park is set up high, so you can climb under it, but this picture shows the wheel friendly ground at the park.

The park has two areas. One area with the huge castle, swings, benches, and lots of other toys and is built for 5 years and older.  There is also a Tot Land with some smaller slides, a few swings, picnic tables, and climbing toys for the toddler age. Our four year-old did fine in the bigger area, but I think the 1-3 crowd would probably prefer Tot Land.

Adventure Playground 6
Some of the climbing areas in the bigger area would be tricky for little kids, but our big boys loved them!
Adventure Playground 5
The tot area has smaller scale, but still super fun play areas.

We love playing hide-and-seek in these types of parks, so we spent quite some time hiding throughout the park. You can also go under a lot of the toys in Adventure Playground, so it made for some great games of hide-and-seek.

Adventure Playground 8
There are a ton of places to run and hide at Adventure Playground.

Another benefit of this playground is that it is fenced all the way around and there is only one entrance. Other playgrounds like this have fences, but usually a few different exits, but at Adventure Playground, you could sit right by the entrance/exit and know if your kids were going in or out.


You will find Adventure Playground in Logan at the Whittier Community Center at 290 N 400 E.  There are a few other playgrounds in Utah that remind us of this park: Ryan’s Place (also in Logan), Wild West Park in West Jordan, Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove, Nicholls Park in Fruit Heights, and Park Discovery in Cedar City.

The fence runs all the way around the park except for the one entrance.
The fence runs all the way around the park except for the one entrance.

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