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Millcreek Park | St. George

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We always end up spending a few weekends in St. George for baseball tournaments. This means we only have a few hours here or there for an adventure, so we like to try new parks in St. George. Last weekend, we were driving down the road from Costco when my son yelled, “Mom, there was a cool park.” So we turned around, and found Millcreek Park in St. George.

Millcreek Park St. George is a ton of fun.

This park is tucked away inside a neighborhood, but can be seen from the main road. It is a little bit smaller, but it was a lot of fun, too. It’s especially great for kids who love climbing structures or obstacle courses. That is what Millcreek Park is all about.

There is a ton of stuff to climb at Millcreek Park.

There is a large climbing dome and the kids can climb up the other rope structures to the top of the hill. Then kids can slide back down to the bottom of the hill. My sons had a ton of fun climbing all over the different obstacles at the playground. There are also some small spinning and rocking toys for kids to play on.

The large dome rope structure sits on the bottom level.
Kids (and adults) can climb up the ropes to the top of the hill.
Here is an overview of the park from the top.
Then slide back down to climb all over again.

Millcreek Park had nice foam cushioned flooring, and shade sails that cover the playground. There are bathrooms and a drinking fountain. There is a shaded pavilion with tables, and there are benches around the park. The park has a little bit of grass.

We were grateful for the shade sails at this park.
There are a few other toys to play on, too.

Millcreek Park in St George is located at 2983 E 110 North Circle. It is just a few minutes off the Green Springs Drive exit in St. George, so it’s a great stop if you need to stretch your legs after getting gas at Costco. The Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm is just down the road, which is one of our favorite spots in St. George.

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