Quail Orchard Park Provo

Utah County has added some amazing parks lately, and Quail Orchard Park in Provo is definitely a top notch playground. There are lots of different playground options for the kids, as well as a stream and waterfall. Your kids will love this park.

There is a lot to do at Quail Orchard Park.

Quail Orchard Park has a few different areas for playing. The first large area is a bridge that spans a canyon (at least that is how we looked at it). There are stairs and slides and climbing areas on either side of the bridge, and you can walk across the canyon. We thought this was very clever! This area also has big slides that slide down into the canyon area. All of the play areas also have soft cushiony flooring, which is so nice.

There are climbing areas and slides on either side of the canyon.
This is the canyon that you can cross on the bridge.
There is a ton of playground equipment throughout the park.
There are lots of slides that come into the canyon area.

The next area is a large playground. There are rock walls, a massive slide, and other climbing areas. This area also has our favorite little scavenger hunt that we like to do where you find small objects that are screwed onto the playground poles. Our kids always love finding all of the objects. There was also a fun “elevator” toy at this playground. You stand on it and it drops you down to the ground very slowly. We love playgrounds that have unique items like this.

The playground area has a lot of fun things to explore.
This massive slide is fun!
We also love this scavenger hunt activity at playgrounds.
This is what the objects look like, so keep your eyes open.

There is also a small playground for the toddlers at Quail Orchard Park. This little playground is similar to the big area, but on a smaller scale. There are tiny slides, easier steps, and some other hands-on things on the playground. We do appreciate cities that make sure to include a smaller area for young children.

The small playground for younger children has lots to do, too.
This area is just right for young kids.

One feature that we didn’t get to see the day that we visited in early March was the water feature. There is a stream that flows through the park, as well as a large waterfall. This will probably be super fun in the summer time when kids can cool off by putting their feet in the stream, or standing near or in the waterfall. We will head back and check it out once it is a little bit warmer, and the water is turned on.

This rock area is a waterfall when the water is turned on.
There is a stream that wanders through the park.

Quail Orchard Park in Provo is nestled up near the mountains, and we loved the views. It definitely added to the beauty of this park. There are also two large grassy areas for families to enjoy, along with pickleball courts, restrooms, and a large pavilion. There are benches around the playground, too, so parents can keep an eye on their children. We also noticed a bunch of poles around the playground area that look like they are for shade sails! We hope the shade sails come soon because there is not a lot of shade at this park.

The pavilion is quite large and restrooms are on the back side.
There are big grassy areas on both sides of Quail Orchard Park.

Location: Quail Orchard Park in located at 522 E 3900 N in Provo, Utah.

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