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Springs Park in St. George is not your typical park. It has a playground, but it’s very small. The highlight of this park is the pond and the ducks to feed. We loved spending an hour enjoying nature at this little park tucked away in a neighborhood in St. George.

Springs Park has a small playground, and the slide was broken when we visited. Our older kids weren’t too excited about the play area. They wanted to go check out the birds. There is a nice half basketball court, so make sure to bring a ball.

The playground is small.

The pond has a nice trail around it, so we walked around the edge of it. Most of the trail is paved and part of a bike trail, but there are a few sections that are just gravel or grass. Watch your step, too. There is a lot of goose poop all around the pond. There are also a few large bench swings set up around the pond to sit and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Springs Park St. George
Springs Park has a beautiful little pond.
There are a few signs about the local birds.
bench swing Springs Park St. George
We love these big bench swings.
Springs Park St. George
There are a few picnic tables and a small pavilion for lunch.

Bring something to feed the waterfowl with such as cut up grapes, duck food, seeds, lettuce, or oats. Bread isn’t healthy for ducks, so we are trying to spread the word to bring healthier snacks for them to enjoy. We fed the coots, geese, ducks, and swan. Our boys were most excited about the swan. 

feeding the ducks at Springs Park St. George
Our boys love feeding the birds.
kid feeding the coots, geese, and swan at Springs Park St. George
There were coots, geese, ducks, and one swan that were happy for some food.

We also saw avocets, pintails (another type of duck), and some small finches at Springs Park in St. George. There is a sign that mentions seeing a green heron, and we were really hoping to spot one, but we did not. We will have to come back another time and keep looking. There are many paved walking and biking trails that branch off from here and some lead to the Virgin River.

The avocets were sitting right along the edge of the pond.
trail along the pond at Springs Park St. George
The trail walks right along the edge of the pond.

Springs Park in St. George is a nice little nature area for families. There are a few picnic tables, bathrooms, and it is also located near a horse facility, so we saw a few people out walking their horses. Springs Park is located at 2395 E Springs Dr in St. George. Another nature area that we enjoy in St. George is the Tonaquint Nature Center.

Springs Park St. George
Springs Park is tucked away inside a neighborhood.

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