Lights on Sherwood Drive

One of our favorite Christmas activitiea is visiting all of the fun shows that people put up on their own homes. They are so creative and entertaining to watch. Lights on Sherwood Drive definitely fit this description. This home has been doing lights on the hill in Kaysville for many years, and we finally visited.

Lights on Sherwood Drive has a lotof Christmas lights timed to music. There are screens set up, too. The lights dance and change colors constantly, and we loved how bright everything was. There are trees and arches, and the lights are on the house, garage, and in the yard. The screens are the most entertaining since it’s almost like watching a mini movie. The show lasts about 25 minutes, so there is plenty to see!

The screens show movies, words, and other animations.
We enjoyed the bright colors in this display.

This show begins with a montage of Disney highlights for everyone to sing-along with. We enjoyed the songs from some of our favorite movies like Aladdin and Frozen. Then the songs changed to Christmas songs, and we we liked the fun parody songs that they use. Toy Sack to the tune of Love Shack is hilarious! I’m sure they use different songs every year, so check out what’s playing this year.

The show begins with some Disney highlights.
We had fun watching clips and singing along.
We really liked the silly Christmas songs the best, though.

For hours and details on where their show is running, visit their Facebook page. We paired this show with the Layton Lights in the Park because they are about 15 minutes apart, and both FREE.

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