SeaQuest Utah Animal Interactions

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SeaQuest Utah is one of our favorite stops in northern Utah. Though this aquarium is a little smaller than the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, it makes up for that with some amazing up close and personal experiences. We have visited the aquarium many times, and each time is a unique experience because you can interact with the animals.

Feeding Tokens

The first thing that makes SeaQuest Utah Aquarium unique is that you can feed almost all of the animals. SeaQuest visitors can buy tokens that can be used to purchase food at small vending machines. For a small fee, you can hand feed the giant tortoise, sting rays, iguanas, tropical fish, ducks, pigs, chickens, parakeets, and more. You can even drop tiny fish into the shark tank, which is quite a rush! We really loved feeding the iguanas. They were more gentle than we expected.

Put your token into one of these little machines to get food for different animals.
We loved feeding the iguanas.
The parakeets are loud and fun.
If you don’t want to swim with the sting rays, you can still feed them.

Animal Interactions

SeaQuest Utah has added a whole bunch of new animal interactions. These encounters are an additional cost separate from admission and tokens because you get to go right inside the enclosures with the animals. We loved the animal interactions. It is so fun to get up close and personal with the animals.

The workers at the aquarium are so nice and helpful.

Swim with Sharks and Rays

That’s right! You can don a wetsuit and snorkel and get right in the tank with the sharks and rays. The rays will come right up and eat out of your hand! The sharks bump against you, causing you to drop their food near them to keep your fingers safe. This is a highlight of the aquarium for many guests.

Swimming with the rays was such a unique adventure.
There were sharks, fish, and rays in the tank.
After snorkeling around, we all knelt on the glass to feed the rays and sharks. This was the best part.

Fish Spa

If swimming with sharks is a little too much for you, try soaking your feet with the minnows. You can put your hand in their tank and they’ll come right over and gently attach themselves to your skin. It is a unique feeling that tickles just a little bit. For a fee, you can put your feet in a relaxing minnow bath and enjoy these tiny pedicurists. We wrote a whole post about our experience with the Fish Spa here.

The fish were a little ticklish on our feet.
It felt nice to have all that dead skin eaten off of our feet.

Kinkajou Feeding

Our favorite encounter was the kinkajou feeding. A guide led us into the kinkajou enclosure and handed us some fruit. The kinkajous were not shy at all! They climbed over our shoulders, up and down our arms, and even leapt across our heads, curiously searching for food. They even wrapped their prehensile tails around our bodies as they used it to hold on while they ate. There is nothing like making friends with a kinkajou! Our boys are still begging to do this one again.

The kinkajous were so much fun. They climbed all over us.
Mom was on the other side, and they leaped over to see what she was doing.
They would wrap their tails around you as they moved.

Meet the Porcupine

The porcupine is the biggest sweetheart in the aquarium. He came right over to us and ate out of our hand. Imagine a large friendly dog with a backpack full of grandma’s knitting needles, and you get a good idea of what it’s like to spend time with the porcupine. Our boys really loved this encounter.

The African crested porcupine was so cute.
He ate very politely from our hands.
We couldn’t believe we could pet him.

Wake up the Sloth

We followed a guide into the sloth’s enclosure and he perked right up when he smelled our food. His shockingly long claws were no danger because we put the food right in his mouth. We spent plenty of time talking to the sloth and getting to know him. He was our youngest son’s favorite animal.

The sloth lives under a red light for warmth.
The sloth was softer than he looked.

High Five an Otter

If you choose to feed the otter, you’ll be surprised at how gentle her touch is. You set a piece of food in the end of a small tube and her clawless paw gently comes out and taps your finger for more. The otters are sisters, and they are quite friendly.

We put pieces of meat into the tubes for the otters to eat.
Their paws were so soft.
We enjoyed meeting the otters and watching them do tricks.

Pet the Cats

This animal encounter is the most affordable. A unique breed of cats lives at SeaQuest Aquarium. For a few tokens you can venture in with the cats. They like to chase after a few toys, but mostly they climb up on your lap and sit contentedly. We were amazed that the cats sat on each of our boys laps for an equal amount of time before moving on to the next. These are pretty smart cats!

The cats are just like regular house cats. Nice and cuddly.

SeaQuest Utah Aquarium is a great place to meet some animals! It is located in the Layton Hills Mall. For pricing and more info about these animal interactions, check out the SeaQuest Utah website.

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