Park City Electric Light Parade

Each year, Park City has a small parade down Main Street. The parade is actually a contest with cash prizes given out by parade judges. Though the Park City Electric Light Parade is short (only about 20-30 minutes), downtown Park City is worth a visit in December.

You will definitely enjoy walking down Main Street.

We easily found a place along Main Street to watch the parade (parking was more difficult). This electric parade allows any vehicle that pre-registers with the city, so we saw decked out cars sponsored by local businesses, but a few private vehicles as well. Each vehicle was covered in lights and had a bunch of people waving to the parade-goers. We even saw the current Ms. Utah with several other queens on one vehicle. But our favorite was the Park City trolley that was all decked out in lights and driven by Santa to end the parade.

There were simple cars like this in the parade.
Others were covered in lights.
Some were promoting businesses.
And others were just for fun.
This was our favorite car.

We enjoyed the Park City Electric Light Parade, but we enjoyed downtown Park City even more. The entire Main Street was decorated with lights and other fun decorations. Walking up and down the street was a ton of fun, and we paired the Electric Light Parade with the Park City Snow Globe Stroll. It is a great way to kickoff the holiday season.

Santa driving the Park City Trolley was a great end to the parade.

Tips for Families

  • Arrive early to find parking. There is on-street parking and parking garages. If you arrive early, you can find a parking spot, walk the Snow Globe Stroll, grab dinner, and then enjoy the Electric Light parade.
  • Check the current date on the Park City website. (Dec. 3 at 6:00 pm in 2022)
  • Dress warm. It is chillier in Park City than the valley, so come prepared for cold weather.
  • For other fun holiday activities, check out our Christmas Activities in Utah post.

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