Grosvenor Arch

Grovesnor Arch 5
Grosvenor Arch

Grosvenor Arch is one of the most beautiful natural arches in Utah. It soars majestically above the valley floor at a height of more than 150 feet. Additionally, it is a double arch, with two distinct windows.


This arch can easily be seen from the road, though there is a paved trail that walks about 100 yards up near the base of the arch. We took the short trek up, but it is actually more difficult to photograph the arch from underneath.

Grovesnor Arch 1
The path to the arch is only about 100 yards.
Grovesnor Arch 2
The path is wide and smooth (unlike the road).

The problem with Grosvenor Arch is accessing it. The arch is located in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, which puts it firmly in the wilderness. You’ll need to drive 10 miles each way on an unimproved dirt road, which includes a wash that holds water most of the time in order to reach the arch. We made it easily in our van, and cars could make this trip, but they will take a beating from the washboards and be quite dusty. Further, once you spend 10 minutes looking at the arch (and using the on-site restrooms) there is nothing to do but turn around and drive back over 10 miles of nasty washboard roads.

Grovesnor Arch 3
Grosvenor Arch is definitely worth seeing.
Grovesnor Arch 4
It’s a beautiful double arch.

Still, Grosvenor Arch is impressive and effortless. If you’re tired of hiking and need an drive, try Grosvenor Arch.


To reach Grosvenor Arch, from Route 12, turn onto Main Street in Cannonville toward Kodachrome Basin State Park. Once you pass the state park, the road turns to dirt. Follow this road for 10 miles, and watch for the sign that points to the left for the turn off to Grosvenor Arch. The arch is about 1 mile off the main dirt road. There are a lot of signs.

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