Bryce Canyon Villas Cabins

Bryce Canyon Villas 1

We like to stay in cabins on many of our adventures, and you can usually find something that is reasonably priced and pretty nice near the national parks. We chose Bryce Canyon Villas in Cannonville, and found them to be very comfortable.


The cabin that we rented was similar to a hotel. There was a shower, toilet, microwave, TV, refrigerator, and a propane grill outside. We had 2 queen beds and a table inside.  There was also a nice porch with a table and 2 chairs outside. Additionally, the cabins are in superb shape. There are nice countertops, tile in the bathroom and shower, and they are very clean. The shower was seriously amazing! We put all three of our boys in at one time since they were dirty every night from hiking.

Bryce Canyon Villas 2
This is a look into the cabin from the door. The bathroom is behind that painting on the wall.
Bryce Canyon Villas 5
The bathroom in the cabin was amazing.

The grounds outside the cabins aren’t much, mostly gravel for parking, with no real place to run around. There is a nice park around the corner with lots of grass and a playset for the kids.


We love staying in cabins like this because we can cook meals in the cabin and save on eating out. We brought our griddle and made pancakes for breakfast, and we barbecued hot dogs on the BBQ outside (that they provide). The mini fridge allowed us to bring milk for cereal as well.

Bryce Canyon Villas 3
This is the kitchen/sink area. They provide plates, silverware, and bowls if you don’t mind washing your dishes.
Bryce Canyon Villas 4
There is a small table for eating all those meals you make at the cabin.

Bryce Canyon Villas cabins are a nice economical way to stay near Bryce Canyon. We paid a little less than you’ll pay for a hotel in the area, which was around $120 per night with taxes and fees. They are located in Cannonville which is about 20 minutes from Bryce Canyon and 10 minutes from Kodachrome Basin State Park. There is also a visitor center for Grand Staircase Escalante in Cannonville so you can get all the info you need for hikes in the Grand Staircase.

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  1. Trisha F

    I’ve wondered about these cabins for a bit. They have them at a lot of KOA’s now too and I’ve been curious. Thanks!