Parowan Dinosaur Tracks

Parowan is a beautiful little historical town just north of Cedar City on I-15. There are some amazing things to stop for in this tiny place. If you’re in the area for Bryce Canyon, Cedar Breaks National Monument, or just driving down the freeway, stop and check out some of the sites in Parowan.


One great stop is the Parowan Dinosaur Tracks Site. There are three hadrosaur tracks located west of the freeway near the Parowan Gap. As you drive toward the Gap, you’ll see a sign on the right side of the road. There is an unpaved parking area that can accommodate a few cars.

Watch for this sign.

There is a steel dinosaur track on a post that indicates what to look for. Within 75 yards of the parking area, there are three of these posts, each marking a track. A few of the tracks have been damaged, and a fourth was difficult to even make out. Still, what can be seen is clear and obvious as individual tracks.

This is one of the dinosaur tracks.
Watch for these dinosaur track signs to point out where the actual tracks are.
You will have to wander around a little bit.
There are lots of lizards running about.
The Parowan Dinosaur Tracks are pretty amazing.
Please take care of the tracks. These are irreplaceable. Leave No Trace!

This is a short stop, but be sure to continue down the road a few miles to see the Parowan Gap Petroglyphs. They make this stop even better!


Head north on Parowan Main Street. Turn west onto 400 North. Drive under the interstate, and continue west for about 7.5 miles until you see the Dinosaur Tracks Sign. Make sure to continue on to the Parowan Gap Petroglyphs about 3 miles further.

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