Glacier Kid Hikes

Glacier National Park is a beautiful park in northern Montana. We spent 4 days exploring this amazing National Park and found lots of great family friendly hikes in Glacier. We have written details about all of our favorite hikes, so here is our list of Glacier Kid Hikes.

These hikes are grouped by the area of Glacier that they are located.

Lake McDonald

Trail of the Cedars

This trail is flat, easy, and accessible for wheels. It is partially on a boardwalk, and walks through a beautiful forest. There is also a small waterfall.

Trail of the Cedars has this beautiful little waterfall along the trail.
Avalanche Lake

This trail is a little longer, 3.5 miles RT, but Avalanche Lake is gorgeous and worth the walk. The hike goes up and down, but is not difficult, and is mostly in the shade!

Avalanche Lake is worth the hike. It’s beautiful!
Johns Lake Loop

Johns Lake Loop is a simple trail that walks past a small lake, a waterfall, and follows the river. There is a lot to see on this hike.

Johns Lake Loop walks past this small lake.
Rocky Point

We enjoyed Rocky Point because of the beautiful views of Lake McDonald. We recommend this hike for the morning or evening.

Rocky Point offers beautiful views of Lake McDonald.

Logan Pass

Hidden Lake Overlook

Hidden Lake was one of our favorite hikes because of all the wildlife along this trail. We saw a bear, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, marmots, weasels, and squirrels. Make sure to arrive very early to get a parking spot at Logan Pass.

Even in July, Hidden lake was frozen and the trail was very snowy.

Rising Sun/St. Mary’s Lake

Baring Falls

Baring Falls is a short 0.3 mile RT hike to a great little waterfall. You can connect St. Mary’s, Baring Falls, and Virginia Falls into one big loop if you have the stamina. We split them into different hikes.

Baring Falls was quite large in the Spring when we visited.
St. Mary Falls

St. Mary’s Falls is 1.6 mile RT hike to a beautiful two tier waterfall. You drop down to walk along the river to the falls, but then will need to climb back out. We extended this hike to Virginia Falls which is even more amazing.

Virginia Falls

This waterfall was one of the best we have seen, and definitely the best one in Glacier. The trail leads you right next to Virginia Falls and the spray feels so good in the hot summer weather.

Virginia Falls is a stunning, tower of a waterfall.

Many Glacier

Grinnell Lake (coming soon)

Fishercap Lake

Fishercap Lake is a very simple trail to a nice alpine lake. We saw a moose and a bear on this trail, and we recommend a morning or evening hike for good animal sightings. We also extended this hike to Red Rock Falls.

Fishercap Lake is beautiful.
Red Rock Falls

Red Rock Falls is a unique spot in Glacier where the waterfall cascades down red rocks. The trail is mostly flat, and it passes Fishercap Lake.

Red rock falls is picturesque next to the red rocks.
Apikuni Falls

Apikuni Falls is a little bit of a steep climb up to the falls, so we recommend this hike for older kids. The waterfall is nice, and the hike back down is even nicer.

Apikuni Falls

Two Medicine

Running Eagle Falls

This trail is for everyone. It is nice and flat and short. There are also wide spots along the river where you can cool your feet. We love that Running Eagle Falls is called Trick Falls because in the Spring there is an extra waterfall over the top from the spring runoff.

In the Fall, only the bottom chute forms the waterfall.
Aster Falls

Aster Falls is a nice hike with lots of variety along the trail. We passed beaver ponds, meadows, and ended at a lovely waterfall. This trail begins next to the Two Medicine Lake which is gorgeous, too.

Aster Falls is nice, but we enjoyed the trail just as much.


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