Hidden Lake Overlook

Our favorite hike in Glacier National Park is the Hidden Lake Overlook. The trailhead is located at Logan Pass, and the main concern is parking. Arrive at this hike as early as possible if you plan to get a parking stall. The early morning is also the best time to see wildlife, which is very abundant on the Hidden Lake trail.

Hike Info

  • Rating: Moderate
  • Distance: 2.7 miles RT
  • Elevation Gain: 460 feet
  • Fees: Glacier National Park Fee
  • Tips: Parking is very difficult, so arrive early, or plan on riding the shuttle.

The trail begins behind the Logan Pass Visitor Center and is quite busy. It climbs steeply up a series of stairs and boardwalks to the pass. We enjoyed so many animal sightings on this hike that it is difficult to describe them all. We saw a grizzly bear, though it was around 1000 meters away. On the slopes to the right of the trail a herd of bighorn sheep grazed in the distance. Most amazing of all, though, were the animals right on the trail. We nearly bumped into mountain goats, which came by dozens. A hoary marmot, a long-tailed weasel, and a pika all made an appearance, and none of them were more than ten yards away.

The trail begins on a boardwalk with lots of stairs.
The views are beautiful along the way.
There were mountain goats right next to the trail.
This weasel ran across the trail carrying a vole. It was amazing!
This hoary marmot followed us for part of the hike.

When we were at Glacier in early July, the trail was covered in snow. This meant that we had to climb the slushy slopes, so we were glad we had jackets and appropriate footwear. We hiked in snow for most of the way, and on the way down, we slid most of the way through the slush.

We hiked through a lot of snow. Make sure to wear pants, jackets, and good shoes.
A LOT of snow!

After climbing the steep stairs, the trail flattens out and walks along the top of the crest until you arrive at a great view of Hidden Lake.¬†There is a wide spot in the boardwalk to take pictures and catch your breath. To the right, the trail continues down to Hidden Lake, but this adds considerable mileage and a large drop to the lake (adds 2.4 RT and drops 780 feet to the lake), so it may not be appropriate for all families. We certainly weren’t going to take our six year-old down there.

The trail is flat along the top.
There are beautiful spots all along the hike.
Hidden Lake was still mostly frozen in July.
Part of the lake was melting and the water was a beautiful blue.

This trail is an out and back hike, so after looking at Hidden Lake, simply turn around and head back the way you came. The Hidden Lake Overlook hike has so many beautiful spots and animals to see that it is our definite must-do hike in Glacier National Park.

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The Hidden Lake Overlook trail is located behind the Logan Pass Visitor Center. Make sure to arrive early to find a parking spot. You can also ride the shuttle up to Logan Pass to avoid parking problems.

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