Red Rock Falls Glacier National Park

Red Rock Falls is a flat, beautiful hike in Glacier National Park. We recommend carrying bear spray on this hike as we had a black bear and her cub surprise us in the thick brush. She came within 25 feet of us before we turned and backed down the trail with our bear spray held at the ready.

Hike Info

  • Rating: Easy hike, but Moderate distance
  • Distance: 3.6 miles RT
  • Elevation Gain: 100 feet
  • Fees: Glacier National Park Fee
  • Tips: Hike in the morning or evening for animal sightings. We saw a moose and a black bear on this trail on our evening hike.
These red rocks are unique here in Glacier.

This hike starts at the end of the parking lot of the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn located in the Many Glacier area. We had a nice dinner at the nearby café and then took an evening hike. One of the great things about Red Rock Falls, is it is a two-for-one hike if you can stretch it 4.0 miles to the falls and back. This is accomplished by taking the Fishercap Lake turnoff, which you can read about on the link.

Fishercap Lake is a must stop on the way out to Red Rock Falls.

The Red Rock Falls Trail is mostly shaded through thick trees and scrub brush. The wildlife is thick in this part of the park, but it can be difficult to spot animals except in places where the trail opens up. We saw mother bears and moose with their babies along the way. There were small rodents all over the trail as well.

The trail is green and shady the entire way to Red Rock Falls.
There are a few different bridges to cross, which our boys love.
This is the momma bear we came across on the trail.
The cub came out on to the trail as we were backing away.

Just before you reach Red Rock Falls, the trail passes Red Rock Lake. The waterfall is visible across the lake. There are a few small trails down to this lake, so you can spend some time enjoying the lake on your way out to the waterfall. The trail walks around the lake to the waterfall.

Soon you will see Red Rock Lake coming in to view.
Red Rock Lake is pretty, too!
You can see Red Rock Falls across the lake.

The trail rises and falls gently with no noticeable elevation change until you reach the falls. A short, slight climb takes you to the waterfall. Being from Utah, we felt right at home among the red rocks. The waterfall is a wide curtain, and though it is not as tall as some of the waterfalls in Glacier, it is very beautiful, and definitely worth the trip. There are two different sections of the waterfall, and it is hard to get them both in one picture.

Follow the trail around the lake over to the Falls.
Once you are on the other side of the lake, the rocks start to turn red.
You can climb on the red rocks to get closer to the waterfall.
The top section is the perfect spot for pictures.
The views from the waterfall are gorgeous!

This hike is appropriate for all ages though it can be a little long at nearly four miles if you combine it with Fishercap Lake, which we certainly recommend.


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The Red Rock Falls trail begins at the Swiftcurrent Pass trailhead. The trailhead is at the end of the parking area for the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn located at the end of the Many Glacier Road.

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