Trail of the Cedars in Glacier National Park

Trail of the Cedars is a short, easy trail in Glacier National Park. This trail is mostly on boardwalks and flat ground, so strollers and wheelchairs are able to travel along this hike. The beautiful turquoise blue water along this trail is worth the walk.

Hike Info

  • Rating: Easy
  • Distance: 1.0 mile RT
  • Elevation Gain: no significant elevation change
  • Fees: Glacier National Park Fee
  • Tips: Parking can be tricky, so we recommend going early or later in the evening to avoid crowds. You can also take the shuttle to this stop.
Trail of the Cedars is very shady and accessible.

This trail is located at the Avalanche Lake parking area. If you are hiking to Avalanche Lake, you will need to hike along the Trail of the Cedars to get to the Avalanche Lake turnoff. If you don’t think your family has the stamina for Avalanche Lake, then Trail of the Cedars will be the perfect loop.

We loved exploring in the cedar trees.

There are two beginnings for the Trail of the Cedars, but they are within about 50 yards of each other. Either one will take you around the loop. The trail walks through the shady forest, and there are interpretive signs along the way. We enjoyed reading about the different animals and trees that live in this area of the park.

The signs had Haiku on them about the animals.
We spotted this beautiful Varied Thrush.

The hike also walks along a stream. The water slowly flows along, and as you round the corner to loop around, the trail comes upon a waterfall. The waterfall is the highlight of the trail. The turquoise water looks beautiful cascading over the rocks. There is a bridge for a great photo opportunity.

We love the water color in Glacier.
Watch for the dripping rocks on this trail.
This small waterfall is a fun stop on Trail of the Cedars.

Right near the bridge is the branch off to Avalanche Lake. We hiked to Avalanche Lake and highly recommend it if your family has the ability to climb to the lake. But the Trail of the Cedars loop continues back around to the other side of the stream, and back to the parking lot. If you are looking for the simplest hike in Glacier National Park, this is the one.


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