Apikuni Falls

Apikuni Falls is a short steep hike in Glacier National Park. The trail runs a little less than 2.0 miles roundtrip, but it is a fairly steep climb. This trail is in the Many Glacier area of the park.

Hike Info

  • Rating: moderate
  • Distance: 1.8 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 625 feet
  • Fees: Glacier National Park Fee
  • Tips: This hike is a steep climb and we recommend it for older kids or sturdy hikers.

As long as you take it slow, this hike is doable for bigger kids. Our 9 year-old had no problem with it. The trail climbs up through a pine forest following a small creek. You can hear the water rushing on your left as you climb, and several people have left the beaten path to make false trails. The main trail is easy to follow as it winds in and out of the trees.

The trail begins right by the road in a meadow. It was filled with wildflowers when we were there.
The trail climbs up through the shady trees at the beginning of the hike.
We took lots of breaks since it was a climb the entire way.

We saw a lot of wildlife along the trail including two mule deer bucks, a pika, chipmunks and squirrels, and a weasel. The weasel poked its head out of the rocks and slinked its way through the bushes trying to get a better view of us. At one point he came within ten feet of where we were standing.

There are beautiful views of Many Glacier as you climb Apikuni Falls trail.
This is the weasel we spotted.

The trail to the waterfall ends at a short wall. Some irresponsible hikers have climbed the wall to get closer to the foot of the falls, but we recommend you stick to the viewpoint as it is plenty close. The waterfall was really impressive in the Summer when we visited. It cascades around 80-100 feet, and has a nice splash pool at the bottom.

Soon you will see the falls in the distance.
There is still a bit more to climb and not through the trees this time.
The trail leads to the river and close to the waterfalls. You can see our son standing on the wall that marks the end of the trail.

Apikuni Falls isn’t the easiest hike in Glacier National Park. But it is just right if your kids are a little older or particularly able hikers. For other kid friendly hike ideas, check out our post of Glacier Kid Hikes.


Apikuni Falls is located in Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park. After stopping at the fee station, drive 2.8 miles west. Park at the Poia Lake Trailhead parking area. The trail begins here. It is well signed.

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