Herriman Splash Pads

Rosecrest Splash Pad
14070 S Rosecrest Road (5600 West), Herriman

Herriman has 2 splash pads, and we weren’t very impressed by either one. They are both small, and have a few showers and fountains that spray. They have a nice pad underneath that is easy on the feet, and they weren’t very crowded, which was a good thing.

The main problem with both splash pads in Herriman is the amount of water used. For one thing, both venues turned off every 5-10 minutes and took several minutes to restart. Worse still, only certain fixtures turned on at any given time, so the kids have to run from one spout to the next. Each section runs for a minute or so, and then a new section starts up. Once they’ve cycled through, the whole system shuts down.

Umbria Splash Pad
12790 South Brundisi Way (5230 W), Herriman

Maybe the city of Herriman was trying to conserve water on the day we were there, but it was difficult to even get the baby wet. With so little going on, and even a few big kids, everywhere you went there was a big kid with his foot over the fountain or five kids trying to crowd into the spray.

Oh, and one more thing– the water was frigid! Not just cold, but freezing. Next time we’ll go the the Highland Splash Pad!

My favorite part of the trip was the Umbria Splash Pad playground. It was awesome.
And I loved the pad underneath–no bark!! If I lived close, I would be at this park often.


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