International Peace Gardens | Salt Lake City

Did you know Utah has an International Peace Garden? It is located in Jordan Park in Salt Lake City. The garden has been there since just after World War II, and many tourists and dignitaries have visited. The International Peace Gardens have become a part of Utah history.

The International Peace Gardens are rather large and have sections for many countries of the world, though unfortunately, Europe is over-represented and Africa and South America are under-represented. Still, you can walk by a cultural section from Norway and see a traditional Scandanavian house. You can visit Korea and see architecture from that country. There are some really nice displays, and because the park is so old, the trees are wonderful and provide a lot of shade.

Our boys loved the country names written with flowers or plants. Can you see the Swiss Alps in the background?
Our oldest took a little Chinese, but he couldn’t read this.
Every country has a different style and look.
There are lots of great spots for photos.
The mini Eiffel Tower is so cute.

We enjoyed the beautiful gardens. There are flowers everywhere, as well as little ponds. There are also benches and lots of grass, which would be great for a picnic. Make sure to check out the Jordan River while you are there, too.

There was a lot of shade throughout the gardens.
Lots of different flower displays to see.
The Jordan River flows along the edge of the garden.
There was a whole wall of roses.

The International Peace Gardens is worth a visit. You can even make it a meaningful event by talking to your children about our world and the many diverse citizens and how they all fit together. We talked with our kids about what they knew about each country that was represented at the park, and why they might have chosen those items to display for each country. It led to great discussions about our world.

My family is mostly from Wales, so we talked about some family history.
There were signs all about Greek philosophers and historians, so we discussed what they did or taught.
This tunnel was shady and beautiful.

We enjoyed our time visiting the International Peace Gardens. It is a great walk and a fun spot to explore.


1160 Dalton Ave S in Salt Lake City. There is a playground, bathrooms, and pavilion in the front as you turn in, but the International Peace Gardens are in the back of the park.

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  1. Jonathan Nielsen

    Wow, this looks really neat. Thanks for sharing. It’s being added to our list of things to do next time we’re in the Salt Lake City area.